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Eyewear Dispensers from Bowman’s

Keep your work environment safe by providing your employees easy access to safety eyewear with Bowman’s Eyewear Dispensers. Our eyewear dispensers offer an efficient and convenient way to store, organize, and dispense safety glasses and goggles for industrial, construction, and laboratory settings. With these dispensers, you can ensure that proper eye protection is always within reach.

Bowman’s safety eyewear dispensers are typically constructed of long-lasting materials like ABS plastic and clear PETG plastic. They provide a compact design that makes it simple to store and access safety glasses. Some dispensers have the front of the unit open for easier access. Others may have a clear front panel that allows users to see the available stock inside. Some have a hinged lid opening that allows one pair of glasses to be dispensed at a time. The dispensers frequently incorporate a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry and secure the glasses. The cabinets are equipped with keyholes for convenient wall attachment. They come in appealing colors, and the basic design fits nicely into a range of decor.

The Safety Eyewear Dispenser is a cabinet with partitions that may hold up to 25 pairs of glasses or other random items. Two-way keyholes facilitate both vertical and horizontal wall installation. This beige quartz dispenser is made of ABS plastic in the United States.

The Locking Eyewear Cabinet can keep up to ten pairs of glasses simultaneously. For enhanced security, it incorporates a key-locking mechanism. The cabinet is made of white ABS plastic with a clear PETG front panel and has keyholes for wall installation. This item is manufactured in the United States.

The Bulk Eyewear Dispenser has a capacity of six pairs of glasses or assorted products. It has a hinged lid and keyholes for mounting on the wall. This dispenser is constructed in the United States of clear PETG plastic.

Safety eyewear dispensers are machines that securely and conveniently store, organize, and dispense safety glasses or goggles. They are employed in industrial, construction, and laboratory contexts that require eye protection.

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