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International Ozone Hydroxyl

International Ozone Hydroxyl
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What is Ozone?

Ozone is nature’s air purifier and deodorizer. Ozone is also produced by the ultraviolet rays in sunlight reacting with organics in the air. Ozone can be used to get rid of odors (smoke, urine, gases, water damage, pet, etc.) and also to destroy bacteria, mold, virus, mildew, germs, etc. It can also purify water for drinking, swimming, pollution and odor control. Most bottled water is sterilized with ozone because once it does its job it converts back to oxygen leaving no harmful chemicals behind.

International Ozone has developed a technology to produce high concentrations of ozone with little or no maintenance. This means you can spend more time using our equipment, and making money rather than spending money. All our Total Zone® ozone generators are built to commercial standards for heavy use and long life.

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