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Square Scrub is the leader in orbital floor cleaning technology. Square Scrub floor preparation machines are all made in the USA. The Doodle Scrub floor machine is used to clean tile grout in restrooms, tight spaces along walls and cleaning stairs. The bigger EBG series floor machines are used to clean, scrub and strip floors in a high performance operation. Square Scrub offers the machine for every job size.

Square Scrub® industrial floor machines are made right here in America with American made components. Square Scrub Floor cleaning and Prep machines were developed to maximize productivity in every application. With 100 plus different surface cleaning and preparation tools, the Square Scrub industrial floor machines handle cleaning, scrubbing, floor striping, and mopping while making the most efficient use of every floor pad, sanding paper, or sanding screen, saving both time and money.

Square Scrub Videos & Demonstrations are available for viewing here.

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