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Upright Vacuums: Versatile Cleaning Solutions for Various Settings

Upright Vacuums are the hallmark of efficiency and reliability in floor care solutions. These upright models are designed to tackle diverse cleaning challenges with precision and ease, providing exceptional performance across different environments.

HEPA Upright Vacuums, Allergen Filtration Upright Vacuums, Lightweight Uprights Vacuums, Home Style Upright Vacuums and Industrial Grade Upright Vacuums UnoClean provides you with a wide variety.

Professional Upright Vacuums from Windsor Versamatic, Pro-team upright vacuum, Sanitaire commercial upright vacuums, Pullman holt upright vacuums, Clarke Nilfisk vacuums and many top commercial upright vacuum manufactures.

12" ProShake Upright Vacuum w/ ShakeOut Bag

The 12" ProShake Upright Vacuum is a powerhouse in the cleaning realm. It quickly gathers dirt and debris with its 12-inch cleaning path, and the ShakeOut Bag makes sure that the collected waste can be disposed of conveniently and hassle-free. Its robust build and user-friendly design make it an optimal choice for both residential and commercial cleaning needs.

12" ProBag Advance Filtration Upright Vacuum

There are many advanced filtration features on this upright vacuum. Its 12-inch cleaning path and excellent filtration ensure a thorough clean by efficiently trapping fine dust particles and allergens. This makes it a fantastic choice for environments where air quality and cleanliness are paramount.

12" ProTough Commercial Upright Vacuum

The 12" ProTough Commercial Upright Vacuum is designed to withstand frequent and intense use. It is perfect for heavily trafficked commercial spaces because of its strong suction and long-lasting construction. With a 12-inch cleaning path, it swiftly navigates through various floor surfaces, leaving behind spotless results every time.

12" Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum w/ On-Board Tools

The extra versatility of this Heavy-Duty Upright Vacuum makes it stand out. It guarantees easy access to attachments for specialized cleaning jobs thanks to its on-board tools. Its 12-inch cleaning path efficiently captures debris, and the on-board tools make it a versatile solution for a range of cleaning needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cleaning Efficiency: All models feature a 12-inch cleaning path, ensuring efficient coverage and quick cleaning in various spaces
  • Versatile Solutions: Each vacuum offers unique functionalities, from advanced filtration capabilities to heavy-duty performance, meeting different cleaning requirements
  • Convenience: The ProShake model's ShakeOut Bag simplifies the disposal process, while the ProTough and Heavy-Duty models feature on-board tools for versatile cleaning
  • Durable Build: Designed for durability, these vacuums are built to withstand rigorous use, making them reliable choices for both residential and commercial applications


Upright Vacuums cater to a wide range of environments, from homes and offices to commercial spaces and institutions. Their versatility, efficiency, and specialized features make them ideal for various floor types, including carpeted areas, hardwood floors, and tile.

In conclusion, Upright Vacuums offer a suite of solutions to cater to diverse cleaning needs, ensuring thorough, efficient, and hassle-free cleaning experiences in both residential and commercial settings.

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