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Ex-Cell Kaiser: A Legacy of Innovation in Waste Management Solutions

Ex-Cell Kaiser, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) founded by Joe Goldberg in 1933, has been providing high-quality waste management solutions for over eight decades. Today, Ex-Cell is led by Joe's granddaughter, Janet Kaiser, and is known worldwide for its innovative and high-quality products.

Over the years, ExCell has expanded its product line to include janitorial, food service, hospitality, and industrial markets. One of its most popular product lines is the Kaleidoscope Recycling Receptacle Collection, which offers a range of trash and recycling bins in various colors and patterns to meet different needs. You can choose from square or half-circle bins and select from four different colors, making it easy to establish an organized and functional recycling center that best meets your needs. With the Kaleidoscope Collection, you can create a waste management system that is both efficient and visually appealing.

In addition to the Kaleidoscope Collection, Ex-Cell offers a variety of recycling receptacles, including the Metro and Venue collections. The Landscape Series Outdoor Cans and Bottles Recycling Receptacle features a domed lid that has four openings, steel retainer bands for holding liner bags in place, and a secure plastic-coated steel cable to keep it safe. The body includes a laser-cut RECYCLE graphic and pre-drilled mounting holes in the back and bottom.

The Venue Collection Stainless Steel Recycling Receptacle comprises a body made of brushed stainless steel, a flat lid with an 8-inch opening finished in a fingerprint-resistant recycling blue-tint, and a security cord to keep the lid fastened to the container. The container also has a 33-gallon LLDPE plastic liner featuring lift holes and a full wraparound rubber gasket on the bottom to secure the unit and floor surfaces.

The Metro Collection Recycling Receptacle is made of fire-safe steel, and its durable construction creates an aesthetically pleasing and functional recycling receptacle suitable for your home's decor. The RC-MTR-1 HCPR includes a set of three interchangeable steel tops and beveled flat tops for trash, paper, and cans and bottles. It is ADA compliant, has rigid plastic liners with ample 18-gallon capacity in each liner, and is slightly elevated to allow for air circulation and help restrict unsightly discoloration of floor surfaces from "mop around" rings.

Ex-Cell also offers a range of waste receptacles designed for specific purposes. The Smokers' Oasis Cigarette Butt Receptacles, for instance, are made of all-steel, fire-safe material, providing a safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of cigarette waste. These models have a large capacity of 4.5 gallons and are ideal for outdoor use. Meanwhile, the EX-CELL Landscape Series perforated trash receptacles are designed for outdoor use and are constructed with heavy-gauge steel and bottom drainage holes.

The Streetscape Classic Outdoor Receptacle is the perfect solution for outdoor waste management. Constructed with all steel material and finished with a weather-resistant EXL-COAT powder coat, this receptacle is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Make sure your waste disposal needs are handled quickly and reliably with Ex-Cell. With years of experience and a trusted reputation, Ex-Cell is a reliable provider of trustworthy solutions for customers around the world.

Ex-Cell Kaiser a developer and manufacturer of unique, high-quality recycling, hospitality and facility management products. Excell-Kaiser is committed to protecting the environment and natural resources.

  • All Packaging for Ex-Cell products contains between 30-40% recycled material content
  • EXL-COAT Powder coated finish contains no volatile organic compounds, emits negligible emissions into the air and overspray is 98% reclaimable
  • All Ex-Cell steel products contain over 30% recycled steel
  • All Ex-Cell aluminum products contain up to 70% recycled aluminum
  • All Ex-Cell stainless steel products contain an average recycled content of approximately 60%
  • All Ex-cell steel, aluminum and stainless steel products are 100% post consumer recyclable

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