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The ASI Group is a building product manufacturer with its global headquarters in Yonkers, NY. Since its beginning, ASI has been owned and operated privately, preserving its ability to create and provide distinctive products. ASI is dedicated to offering customers great customer care and aiding them in succeeding by delivering value that is superior to pricing.

The business specializes in Division 10 products, which include lockers, toilet walls, visual display items, and bathroom accessories. According to ASI, an attractive bathroom and locker room may turn an excellent structure into a fantastic one. It has created the industry's most cutting-edge selection of lockers, toilet partitions, and bathroom accessories. ASI is responsible for the design, engineering, and production of every product. Beyond restrooms and locker rooms, the company's services have been broadened by its visual display products. Architects, building owners, contractors, and facility managers frequently return to ASI because the assortment of materials and configurations that come with a dash of style always meet their specific needs.

Bathroom accessories from ASI are renowned for their high quality and unique designs. The business provides a broad selection of bathroom accessories to meet a variety of demands and tastes. The items can be altered to match the specifications and design of any structure. The items are manufactured with long-lasting components and are meant to be simple to install and maintain.

The no-touch washroom accessories assist in minimizing the spread of germs by reducing the need for users to contact surfaces. Combination units from ASI are created to conserve space and offer numerous features in a single, handy device. The hand dryers are made to dry hands quickly and thoroughly while also being energy-efficient and hygienic. The soap dispensers are available in a range of styles and dimensions, including countertop and wall-mounted types. With options for paper towel storage, garment hangers, and more, ASI's shelves and racks are made to offer storage and order to bathrooms. You can get anything here, including toilet seat covers, feminine hygiene vending machines, waste receptacles, and toilet paper dispensers. Functionality, toughness, and beauty are all taken into consideration when designing these products.

Bathroom accessories from ASI are available in four different collections: Profile, Roval, Simplicity, and Traditional. The designs in the Profile collection are sleek, contemporary, and have simple, clear lines. Any bathroom benefits from the elegance of the Roval collection. The timeless and traditional designs in the Simplicity series are appropriate for any bathroom. For traditional or historic structures, the Traditional collection's more elaborate designs are ideal.

Nowadays, ASI has offices and operating divisions in the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Mexico, and China. ASI provides services for hospitals, schools, commercial and retail buildings, stadiums, airports, government buildings, cultural institutions, and hotel and restaurant operations. ASI has helped deliver on a promise of excellence on some of the most prominent projects in the world.

The ASI Company has a proven track record of providing its clients with high-quality goods and services. The ASI Company is well-positioned to maintain its development and success in the years to come because of its emphasis on innovation and client satisfaction.

ASI - American Specialities: Commercial Bathroom & Washroom Accessories

American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) is a leading manufacturer of commercial stainless steel washroom accessories specifically designed for educational, healthcare and security facilities as well as manufacturing custodial accessories.

Commercial Washroom & Bathroom Accessories Include:

Commercial mechanical paper towel dispensers, commercial automatic paper towel dispensers, automatic hand dryers, baby changing stations, grab bars, commercial bathroom mirrors, toilet paper dispensers, manual soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers, commercial trash cans, bathroom shelves, shower seats, commercial medicine cabinets, and sanitary napkin and tampon dispensers.

Janitorial Equipment, Carpet And Floor Cleaning Supplies

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