Feminine Hygiene Vending Machines by ASI

Feminine Hygiene Vending Machines by ASI: The Ultimate Solution for Modern Women

ASI offers a wide range of feminine hygiene vending machines, including the Profile Dual Napkin/Tampon Vendor, the Sanitary Napkin and Tampon Vendor that is available in 25-cent coin operation, and the 50-cent coin operation. These vending machines are made from top-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. They dispense 30 napkins and 27 tampons of specified sizes, providing women with the hygiene products they need during menstruation. The vending machines also come with a door locked by two tumbler locks and an inside coin box that has a separately keyed lock, ensuring maximum security. These vending machines are also available in free operation models for added convenience.

The PROFILE Collection Washroom Accessories used to construct these vending machines feature elegant styling with 34-inch (19mm) radius-rounded vertical edges and welded corners. They also have flush-mounted rimless tumbler locks for a pleasing appearance, concealed full-length piano hinges, 16-gauge steel doors for added stability, hemmed edges on towel dispenser openings for safe and easy towel dispensing, and waste receptacles that can be removed to make cleaning easy.

The Simplicity Dual Napkin/Tampon Vendor is a device designed to provide easy access to feminine hygiene products in public restrooms. It is a vending machine that can hold up to 30 napkins and 27 tampons, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. One of the most notable features of this product is its free operation, which means users do not need to insert any coins or tokens to access the products. Instead, they can simply open the door and take what they need. To ensure security, the vending machine has a door that is locked with two tumbler locks, which makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access the products.

ASI's feminine hygiene vending machines offer women a convenient, discreet, and hygienic solution for menstrual care. With their durable construction, modern design, and advanced security features, they are the ultimate solution for modern women.

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