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Keep Your Floors Looking Spotless with Malish Floor Care Products

Malish Corporation is the go-to source for the sanitary maintenance industry's highest-quality products. From durable cylinder brushes to powerful rotary/disc brushes, our products have been in the industry since 1945.

With over 75 years of experience and innovation, our cylinder and rotary brushes, pad drivers, scrubbing brushes, carpet cleaning brushes, carpet bonnet systems, grit rotary brushes, brush/pad combinations, sanding drivers, and more are perfect for food service, food processing, and any other sanitary maintenance needs. Our highly experienced team offers quality services and products for an unmatched customer experience.

Clean and shine your floors like never before with the revolutionary Flex Scrub by Malish! Our patent-pending flex coupler makes it easy to attach to any pad driver and reaches deep into grout lines and textures where regular pads can't.

Malish Diamond Devil System's 3+1 formula of grind, hone, polish, and shine will give you the most impressive results you've ever seen without having to use any chemicals.

Create a perfect, professional-looking finish on your floors without the hassle of heavy equipment or harsh chemicals with Malish Diamabrush tools! Our proprietary tools make it easy to resurface hardwood, concrete, terrazzo, and other stone surfaces in no time.

Our POWER-PAD is a revolutionary brush and pad driver combination that will produce superior results to standard rotary brushes and pad drivers. It's the perfect solution for multi-level scrubbing action. For bonnet cleaning, try our BONNET-LOK System that combines a brush and bonnet in one unit. With sizes ranging from 10 inches to 22 inches, we have the perfect replacement Pad Drivers, Bonnet Drivers, and Sanding Drivers for your needs.

Is your carpet looking dull and lifeless? Transform it with Malish TUFF-BLOCK Carpet Shampoo Brushes! Heavier scrubbing and softer inner rows help to massage the dirt out of any type of carpet, leaving it brighter. Our TRU-FIT Universal Clutch Plates are designed to reduce machine wobble and operator fatigue. Whether you need replacement gimbals or lugs for your pad drivers, we have you covered!

With Malish MAL-GRIT rotary floor machine brushes, you can now clean faster and cheaper than ever. Our silicone carbide-impregnated nylon bristles are self-replenishing as the brush wears, offering unbeatable value that lasts over 100 times longer than regular floor pads. Plus, our water and chemical-resistant TUFF-BLOCK technology ensure maximum life expectancy.

Whether general scrubbing, hard surface scrubbing, or polishing marble, our natural scrubbing brushes are perfect for any task. Plus, the BIG MOUTH and CENTER-LOK Floor Machine Pad Centering Device and Polymeric Hook Faced Pad Drivers tackle even the tough jobs.

With its smooth stainless steel adjustable guide plate, the Malish SpinSafe Carpet Brush allows you to glide over the carpet without disrupting its integrity. PAD-LOK and MAL-LOK tufted pad drivers penetrate the pad at different depths for maximum holding power. Malish Uni-Block Showerfeed System combines an injection molded polypropylene block with the patented NP-9200 TRU-FIT Universal Clutch Plate for superior performance.

Experience professional-level floor care with our cutting-edge equipment and enjoy the dazzling shine that will leave you speechless.

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