Diamond Devil -Shine Tool Red 12" -20"


The Shine Tool gives an unmatched gloss level using a standard floor machine. Shine tool will sustain a floor shine with frequent use.

Maintain superior image gloss and clarity using only water, no dangerous chemicals required.

No need to replace multiple blades that can result in damaged hardware or improper installation.

Reorder a new tool once the black nylon wear indicator is visible. Continue to use the current tool until the new one arrives.

Available in sizes: 12”-20”.

Diamond Devil Polishing System by Malish

Since 1945, The Malish Corporation has dominated the floor care industry. They now offer you the most advanced floor polishing option, enabling you to design a floor space that will make your concrete floors beautiful, elegant, and refined. Malish Diamond Devil now gives you fantastic results compared to the other floor polishing products on the market by cutting the polishing procedure from 6 steps to 3 steps with our innovative Diamond Devil floor restoration and polishing tools.

For concrete and terrazzo floors, the Diamond Devil System uses a 3+1 formula of Grind, Hone, Polish, and Shine. The natural color polish tool at our third level will give you exceptional results, but if you care for an unparalleled gloss level, opt for our fourth level. The red-colored shine tool will deliver results that will dazzle you with its awesome shine. We don't utilize chemicals; instead, we simply employ cutting-edge floor polishing equipment to deliver these results to you.

Try our new Diamond Devil floor polishing system, and you will realize you've been wasting way too much time and money on polishing your floors. Our advanced Diamond Devil three-step system, which took years to develop, may be used with the most common floor equipment, producing better results every time. With the help of the Diamond Devil Polishing System, you can now amaze everyone with your best-looking floors…ever!.

Bring the sparkle back to your floors with the Diamond Devil Polishing System!

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