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The Magic of Soy-Based Cleaning from Franmar

Frank Sliney founded Franmar after learning that the chemical solutions used by screen printers were bad for the environment and human health. Realizing that soy had the potential to replace risky and expensive petrochemicals, he set out on a mission to provide a more secure and environmentally friendly alternative. Together, he and his wife Marilyn began developing effective and reasonably priced all-natural screen cleaners.

Their plan came to fruition, and Franmar became a pioneer in the use of natural cleaning chemicals for safe cleaning. These initiatives have sparked a global movement toward safer and greener cleaning methods.

Frank and Marilyn's commitment to sustainability and innovation is proof that a straightforward concept can positively impact an entire sector of the economy.

Franmar has established itself as a pioneer in the sector globally thanks to its dedication to offering goods that are efficient, economical, and ecologically friendly. The company's founders, Frank and Marilyn, still actively participate in the operations of the company, ensuring that its core ideals of dedication and high-quality service are upheld.

In an effort to increase the market for soy-based goods, Franmar has worked closely with the United Soybean Board for more than 30 years. Nowadays, UnoClean sells a number of Franmar's very efficient and secure cleaning products manufactured from soy oil.

Franmar's Paint & Urethane Stripper, formerly known as SOY Gel Paint and Urethane Remover, is the ideal option for do-it-yourself projects. It removes numerous layers of coatings satisfactorily and is a natural, low-odor, non-caustic stripper.

The Mastic Remover 500MR by Blue Bear BEAN-e-doo is an odorless, user-friendly, soy-based mastic remover that works well to remove asbestos-containing vinyl and ceramic mastic from occupied spaces like schools, hospitals, post offices, and other public locations.

Franmar's Paint, Varnish, and Coatings Remover 600GL SOY Gel is an industrial-strength, risk-free stripper. Its low-odor, gel-based product, which is made entirely from soybeans produced in the United States, removes numerous layers of coatings, including acrylic, epoxy, paint, and urethane.

On commercial and recreational boats, Blue Bear's Commercial Marine Boat Paint Coating Remover 670AF is an efficient way to get rid of years' worth of protective coatings, a buildup of barnacles, and ocean filth. Given that it doesn't include methylene chloride, this product is safe to use.

With Blue Bear's Hard Surface Graffiti Remover 680HS, graffiti, markers, and other tags can be successfully removed from a range of hard surfaces, including concrete, block surfaces, lockers, road signs, and rail coaches. VOC requirements are met by this formulation.

You can effectively finish the cleanup procedure after removing mastic, paint, or other coatings and adhesives by using Blue Bear's Emerge Surface Degreaser 700DG.

With Blue Bear's Exterior Building/Natural Stone Cleaner 720ES EBC, a versatile and effective cleaner, efflorescence, cement film, lime residues, mortar residues, moss and algae, light surface rust, and environmental debris may all be removed from building exteriors and natural stone surfaces.

Franmar has established a strong reputation for its effective, safe, and environmentally friendly cleaning products made from natural soybeans. The company's commitment to innovation and sustainability has had a tremendous impact on the cleaning industry in addition to benefiting customers and the environment.

Franmar provides economically safe cleaning solutions including soy based paint removers, mastic removers, hard surface removers and more!

Investing 30 years into developing effective, economical, and safe cleaning solutions, Franmar offers products completely created from soybeans and natural elements. Franmar provides cleaning solutions you need to get the job done right without harming the planet or your well-being.

Franmar Videos & Demonstrations are available for viewing here.

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