Franmar BEAN-e-doo Mastic Adhesive Remover - 1 Gallon
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Mastic Remover 500MR Blue Bear BEAN-e-doo - 1 Gallon

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Item Description:

Do NOT use on wood surfaces. For use on concrete.

500MR Mastic Remover

An odorless, soy based mastic remover, the 500MR is ideal for use in occupied areas like post offices, schools, hospitals and other public places. With this user-friendly product, removing vinyl and ceramic mastic is made simple! The 500MR was specially designed to remove asbestos mastic, dissolving it into a thick liquid.

500MR mastic remover is the only product to pass both performance and environmental safety tests by the USPS for the removal of asbestos containing mastic. This safe-to-use mastic remover can be used without complaint or disruption. Our easy-to-use formula works on all types of mastic (even asbestos/black mastics) and carpet/tile adhesives – even if they’re decades old!

APPLICATION of Bean-E-Doo 500MR Mastic and Adhesive remover:

Test in a small, inconspicuous area of the project before beginning the complete project. Apply sand barrier to protect any neighboring wood and drywall from absorbing mastic remover Bean-E-Doo product. Open windows to maintain ventilation of work area, since adhesive that is being removed may emit fumes. Apply BEAN•e•doo 500MR directly on concrete surface and spread with straw broom, long-handled brush or squeegee using light pressure. If applying to mastic with trowel ridges, cover all ridges with the mastic adhesive remover product. Allow BEAN•e•doo 500MR to sit until mastic softens. (Asbestos/black mastic will typically soften in one to two hours, and vinyl or acrylic mastic's will soften in four to eight hours.) After mastic has softened, remove with a long-handled scraper or squeegee. Reapplication may be necessary.


  • BEAN-e-doo Mastic Remover
  • Removes asbestos/black mastic, vinyl glue, ceramic mastic, traditional carpet adhesives
  • 1 Gallon removes 175 to 200 Square Feet of Mastic
  • As low as $0.12 per sq. ft.
  • Virtually no odor
  • Less than 3% VOC
  • Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans
  • GHS Compliant
  • Cleans up easily with water and Franmar's Emerge Degreaser
  • No grinding or dust
Average Coverage:
100-200 Square Feet per Gallon
Flash Point:
Above 425 degrees F
Soy Ester, Proprietary Surfactant Blend
pH Level:
6.65 pH
Safe for Use On:
1 Gallon
2.3%, .06 lb/g, 20 g/l


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   4.5 / 5 • 12 reviews

by on July 7, 2023

Did a great job on my basement floor!

by on July 27, 2021

Works Great

by on June 25, 2021

Follow the Directions and it does a great job!

by on September 22, 2018

Worked great, used it on 50 year old black mastic. Removed 90% of mastic on first use, had to scrape and reapply for really heavy areas, but this was expected. No harsh odor, which helps when having to do a messy job like this. Highly recommended!

by on April 14, 2018

Bought a gallon, and used a sprayer for best coverage as per the bottle states. DO NOT DO THAT. Just pour is on the floor and spread. I found a high priced 5 gallon bucket at a local store and tried again with perfect results. 100% recommendation for mastic removal. If you don’t have 100% perfectly flat floors DO NOT expect to see 150-200 sq/ft coverage. I averaged 2 gallons per 120 sq/ft. If your mastic is 3 millimeters thick then you need 3 mm of product on top for it to work as stated. I love this product and will use again if needed in the future!!

by on March 23, 2018

This stuff works great! Make sure you but more than b you think you need. Do not ad water to bean e doo melted mastic. Only use oil dry and use it like sand to scrub tough spots.

by on December 31, 2017

It is working to remove the mastic. It is a big job to do. Our orders have arrived very quickly and we saved some money on shipping with coupons.

by on November 15, 2017

For such a messy job-this product was super!

by on July 30, 2017

Delivery was quick within 2 days. The product worked great, we had tried one other product before ordering this but it did not work well at all. Did a lot of research before ordering. This product is worth the money.

by on May 23, 2017

Prompt and efficient service!

by on July 23, 2016

Did not dissolve mastic as the video showed. Only had 90 sq feet to cover. Much intensive scraping involved only to decrease the thickness of mastic, not remove it. I let it stand for 8 hours. I have exhausted "enviro-friendly" options.

by on July 21, 2016

This stuff is GREAT!!!!!!!!

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