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EDIC was founded in 1975 to create and manufacture cleaning equipment that would give exceptional cleaning in an easy-to-use format. It set out to create the market's most inventive, productive, and long-lasting carpet care equipment and cleaning techniques. It was dedicated to developing high engineering quality and performance equipment, and its success has established EDIC as a reliable name for businesses looking for trustworthy cleaning solutions. EDIC offers a wide choice of devices to assist you in keeping your facility clean and safe for everyone, from vacuum cleaners to carpet extractors. With its commitment to innovation, EDIC is always improving its equipment to give consumers improved janitorial solutions. Today, EDIC continues to create new product lines, patented technologies, and accessories to provide customers with more user-friendly equipment. It also retains skilled people who are well-trained in customer care to assist consumers with their applications.

Among the tough and durable EDIC cleaning solutions that are popular in the market are commercial-grade portable carpet extractors with heat, tile and grout hard floor cleaning equipment, touch-free restroom cleaning equipment, floor buffers, floor burnishers, backpack vacuums, PTAC cleaning equipment, and automotive detailing solutions. EDIC products are designed to withstand the demands of tough work environments, increase productivity, and help clients perform more efficiently and effectively.

Tile and grout cleaning can be difficult for professional cleaners and in-house maintenance teams due to uneven surfaces and porous grout lines that collect dirt. EDIC has developed a range of high-performing tile and grout extractors and scrubbers for cleaning experts, janitorial service providers, and in-house facility maintenance teams. These machines have helped them achieve excellent cleaning outcomes while consuming less energy and time.

A self-contained carpet extractor with great productivity and outstanding carpet cleaning outcomes will make cleaning a wide area of carpets a breeze. You will enjoy deep cleaning carpets with EDIC heated portable carpet extractors.

Keeping a public restroom clean and smelling fresh can be difficult for a professional cleaner. EDIC supplies touch-free restroom cleaning equipment and tools to cleaning professionals to assist them in cleaning the most difficult rooms in any public building. EDIC has a collection of restoration equipment and supplies for restoration specialists to help you get the water out quickly. Our EDIC high-quality cleaning equipment is always supported by an industry-leading warranty and customer support team.

EDIC surface disinfection equipment enables professional cleaners and public facilities to quickly and efficiently disinfect surfaces and touch points in public facilities and public spaces. We supply the tools you need for PTAC deep cleaning, from our patented PTAC Cleaning CradleTM to the Galaxy Pro PTAC extractor kit, to increase productivity and reduce the number of people necessary to do the job.

EDIC has developed a complete line of high-quality automotive detailing products for detailers, including heated portable carpet extractors, wet/dry vacuums, backpack vacuums, and air movers. Repeat clients validate EDIC's opinion that it has the best auto detailing equipment to perform the job quickly.

Browse the EDIC selection of professional floor care equipment and provide your staff with the tools they need to finish their cleaning jobs excellently. EDIC equipment and services are best for increasing productivity and gaining customer satisfaction.

EDIC continues to expand with new product lines, patented innovations, accessories, all backed by the support of a knowledgeable staff.

Innovative cleaning machines designed to boost your productivity! EDIC engineers high quality, innovative floor machines, including commercial carpet extractors, vacuums, auto detailing equipment, and more.

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