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Self-Contained Carpet Extractors from EDIC

Carpet extractors from EDIC are designed for powerful performance. Check out the incredible FiveStar 401TR, which has a 3-gallon capacity. It is a tiny, self-contained cleaning unit for carpets, hard floors, and grouted tiles. It achieves outstanding results by employing the vigorous brush agitation technique. Travel and storing are easy due to their small body design and fold-down handle. The operation is simple and user-friendly. Fill the bucket, place it on the machine, close the top, and start cleaning. You do not have to worry about spills or messes!

The 3-gallon Comet carpet extractors are portable and easy to operate. It includes a self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoe for cleaning all carpet lengths. It contains an upright-mounted motor and an intercooler system that work together to provide long-term operation.

Polaris 1201PS Self-Contained Extractor is available in 7-gallon and 12-gallon capacities. The built-in silencer helps you to clean in low-noise areas without bothering others. It has continuously ranked high due to its high-quality construction, outstanding ease of use, and versatility.

The Supernova series features incredible self-contained extractors that clean in both forward and backward directions! The revolutionary two-way system enables unrivaled productivity in any setting, cleaning up to 4,000 square feet in one hour. A uniquely designed vacuum head allows cleaning on hard surfaces and carpets without using bulky accessories.

The EDIC Upholstery Tool Kit can be used with the 357AC FiveStar and 358AC Polaris extraction machines. It is an excellent way to boost their performance. The kit includes a see-through upholstery tool, hose assembly, and a durable hose bag.

When you use EDIC self-contained extractors for carpet cleaning, you can clean small to large expanses of carpet in a quick time. You will also be pleased with the appearance of your carpets.

Self contained carpet extractors are the industry leading standard for quick and efficient carpet cleaning.

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