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Floor Machines and Burnishers from EDIC

Floor burnishers are used in the polishing and maintenance of hard floor surfaces such as concrete, marble, and terrazzo. They apply friction and heat to the floor surface via a rotating disk with the connected pad, resulting in a high-gloss finish. EDIC floor machines are versatile and powerful devices meant to clean floors by stripping, scrubbing, spray-buffing, polishing, shampooing, or bonneting. The Saturn Low-Speed Buffer is a durable HD floor machine perfect for sanding, screening, stone maintenance, and concrete surfaces. It is a fully enclosed high-torque machine with a pad diameter of 17 or 20 inches. The fan-cooled motor is impervious to dust, dampness, and other adverse circumstances. Brush coverings are offered in stainless steel or black powder-coated steel.

Floor burnishing is often done after cleaning the floor and before applying a protective coating or wax since it helps to prepare the floor surface for these treatments. Regular burnishing can help to keep hard floor surfaces looking good and increase the life of the flooring. The Saturn floor machine can withstand large workloads, thanks to its all-metal structure, stainless steel brush cover, and steel triple planetary gearboxes. It gives a quiet and heavy-duty performance, thanks to the powerful 1.5 HP motor.

The floor burnisher spins a disk at high speeds (often 1500-3000 RPM) as the operator directs the machine across the floor. The rotating disk's high speed and pressure cause the floor surface to become highly polished and smooth. Saturn's high-speed floor burnishers have an RPM of 2000.

The Saturn Floor buffers and burnishers can handle the stress of stripping and scrubbing hard floors, bonnet cleaning, and shampooing carpets. Get your burnishing done with ease with these EDIC machines.

EDIC floor machines are designed to strip, scrub, spray-buff, polish, shampoo, or bonnet clean. Available with stainless steel or black powder coated brush cover.

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