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Minutemen Parts & Accessories with Unmatched Quality

Are you looking for parts and accessories for your Minuteman Vacuums? Wide selection of Minuteman accessories and parts, including vacuum attachment tool kits, round dust brushes, brush tynex, front squeegee blade linatex, battery chargers, batteries, vacuum pickup hoses, vacuum air filters, vacuum motors, carbon brushes, vacuum dolly carts, and more awaits you at Unoclean!

Minuteman Vacuum Attachment Tool Kit includes a crush-proof hose, telescoping wand, cervice tool, upholstery tool, round dust brush, and combination floor tool for keeping your vacuums in tip-top shape. You can get them for different categories like dry pick up, wet/dry pick up, wet/dry abrasive pick up, explosion-proof vacuum attachment, and many more.

Vacuum Pickup Hose Assembly for general cleaning has a crush-proof hose, swivel cuff, and cuffs to use with aluminum intakes in case your current hose is giving you trouble. The replacement air filters with 99% efficiency will keep your vacuum always good as new. You can also get the replacement vacuum pre-filter sleeve, internal cloth filter bag, vacuum exhaust filters, Darcon bag filter bag protector, and impact pre-filters to ensure your vacuum filtration system works efficiently.

Stay calm if your disposable paper collector bags are over. Minuteman Disposable Collector Bag, Phenom Vac Bags, and Vacuum Replacement Debris bags are there to use with your Minuteman Vacuum models. The drum liners with the printed label "Dangerous Hazardous Materials" labels fit your Minuteman drums perfectly.

The vacuum filter reference chart with each model and its parts will help you pick up the replacement plastic liners, paper collection bags, and filter protectors for your vacuums.

You can get hundreds of equipment-specific parts listed on the website by visiting the Schematics & Parts Lists category.

When it comes to all your Minuteman Accessories and Parts, Unoclean have you covered. We're the one-stop shop for anything you need for your vacuum.

MinuteMan Equipment & Machine Accessories We have hundreds of equipment specific parts that may not be listed on the website, please call 1-224-654-6500 if you do not see what you're looking for.

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