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Versatile Cleaning with Wet/Dry Canister Vacuums

Wet/Dry Canister Vacuums are the ultimate cleaning companions, offering unparalleled versatility in handling both liquid spills and dry debris effortlessly.

Wet and Dry Canister vacuums designed for commercial cleaning companies, salons, spas, barber shops, hotels, schools, cafes, restaurants and healthcare professionals.

ProGuard 4 Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum w/ Tool Kit

The ProGuard 4 Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum is compact and powerful, built for both performance and ease of use. Because of its small size, it can be used for a variety of tasks, such as clearing up spills and removing dry debris. It's a useful partner for any cleaning task, indoors or out, thanks to its sturdy construction and the variety of tools included in the kit.

Channellock Wet/Dry Vacuum

An excellent example of dependability and efficiency is the Channellock Wet/Dry Vacuum. With its exceptional suction power and innovative design, it effortlessly handles both wet and dry messes. Its durability and performance make it a go-to choice for heavy-duty cleaning applications in workshops, garages, or construction sites.

ProGuard 16 MD Wet/Dry Vacuum w/ Tool Kit

With a 16-gallon capacity, the ProGuard 16 MD Wet/Dry Vacuum is a powerful tool that allows for prolonged cleaning sessions without the need for frequent emptying. With a large tool kit and a variety of attachments to handle different cleaning tasks, it's an adaptable cleaning option for commercial and industrial environments.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dual Functionality: These vacuums efficiently handle both wet and dry messes, ensuring comprehensive cleaning across different surfaces and environments
  • Robust Performance: From the portable ProGuard 4 to the heavy-duty ProGuard 16 MD, these vacuums boast powerful motors that deliver consistent suction power for effective cleaning
  • Versatile Tools: The inclusion of tool kits provides a variety of attachments and accessories, catering to specific cleaning needs, from upholstery to crevices and corners
  • Durable Build: Constructed with durability in mind, these canister vacuums are built to withstand rigorous cleaning tasks, ensuring longevity and reliability


Wet/Dry Canister Vacuums find application in various settings, such as workshops, construction sites, automotive garages, commercial spaces, and even household chores. Their ability to handle wet spills and dry debris makes them indispensable tools for cleaning professionals across industries.

In conclusion, Wet/Dry Canister Vacuums stand out for their versatility, robust performance, and comprehensive cleaning capabilities. From compact portability to heavy-duty cleaning power, these models cater to a broad spectrum of cleaning needs in both residential and commercial settings.

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