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Fresh and Pure Air Around You with Newaire

By simulating the natural freshness and purity of outdoor air following a lightning storm, Newaire's creative line of goods provides a novel solution to interior air pollution. Newaire's products, such as the Plugin and Hydroxyl Generators, are meant to continually run in occupied spaces, creating a safer and healthier indoor atmosphere in contrast to ozone generators, which can be hazardous to human health if used improperly.

The unique hydroxyl and negative ion technologies used in Newaire's products have been shown in studies to effectively remove a variety of contaminants and odors while also enhancing indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution can now be solved with these practical and easy-to-maintain products that do not involve filters or chemicals.

The highest quality and safety requirements are guaranteed by the fact that all of Newaire's goods are proudly created in the USA. Customers who use Newaire's cutting-edge air treatment products may breathe clean, healthy air in any indoor location.

The Newaire HO3-2500 Hydroxyl and Ozone Generator Air and Surface Treatment System combines two potent deodorizing technologies into a small, lightweight device that may be used to remove odors and kill a variety of bacteria in spaces up to 2500 sq. ft. while people are present. The cutting-edge photo-catalytic hydroxyl technology is ideal for deodorizing and destroying viruses and germs in high-traffic areas because it is safe to use in occupied facilities, including hotels, companies, schools, and hospitals. It is also perfect for usage in places like vehicles, boats, and warehouses because the specific zone option enables deeper cleaning of the air and surfaces in vacant spaces.

Both the Newaire HG2500 Hydroxyl Generator Air Treatment System and the Newaire HG1500 Hydroxyl Generator Air Treatment System have room capacities of 1500 and 2500 sq. ft., respectively. These small, light-weight units use cutting-edge photo-catalytic hydroxyl generator technology to kill bacteria and viruses and permanently remove odors. They are the ideal solution for eliminating odors while eradicating viruses and bacteria in high-traffic areas and are safe to use in occupied facilities, including hotels, offices, schools, and hospitals. You can breathe cleaner, fresher air at any time and in any location with the Newaire HG1500 and HG2500 Hydroxyl Generator Air Treatment Systems.

Your best option for organically deodorizing rooms up to 500 sq. ft. is the Newaire Plugin Air Purifier. This small appliance uses proprietary ion wind technology to quietly remove odors from smoke, mold, pets, and other sources without the use of fans or moving parts. This plug-in purifier is ideal for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, hotel rooms, offices, and more because it requires no filter, parts, or chemicals to be replaced and uses only 4 watts to run continuously. Try it right away to enjoy the advantages of a fresh, odor-free environment.

The Newaire Plugin and Newaire Hydroxyl Generators are among the cutting-edge products from Newaire that provide reliable and secure methods for removing odors and enhancing air quality in a variety of environments. For anyone trying to create a fresh, clean, and healthy environment, Newaire products are a great option because of their dedication to using the most recent hydroxyl and negative ion technology.

NewAire air purifying system uses 100% ion wind technology. NewAire Plug-In and Hard Wired series models use state-of-the-art electronic deodorizing technologies to purify the air around you. They will naturally eliminate odors and significantly improve air quality.

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