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Sanitor Neatseat Disposable Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers

Environmentally friendly: completely water soluble, safe for all plumbing systems.

This is the revolutionary disposable toilet seat cover system that satisfies the public's concerns with restroom cleanliness and personal hygiene. And it makes maintaining those restrooms much easier and more cost-efficient.

  • Promotes good health: provides a complete and sanitary physical barrier
  • Easy: dispenses one at a time - ready to use
  • No tugging, tearing or unfolding required. Goes from the dispenser to the toilet seat with no extra effort
  • Clean: center die cut section automatically pulls the NeatSeat cover down the drain when the toilet is flushed

Convenience, Comfort, and Hygiene with Sanitor

Sanitor has been manufacturing premium sanitary paper products for over 80 years. They produce better paper towels and toilet seat covers than anyone else currently on the market. The company takes pride in manufacturing every one of its goods in the USA and obtaining all of its raw materials from North American vendors. All of their products are made and assembled at their headquarters in Portage, Michigan, which they then ship to all corners of the globe. Sanitor is aware of the value of convenience and cleanliness when it comes to their products. They think a sanitary solution should not only address cleanliness problems but also be practical and simple to use. Their paper towels and toilet seat coverings are renowned for their effectiveness and usefulness.

An innovative technique that promotes bathroom cleanliness and personal hygiene is Sanitor's NeatSeat disposable toilet seat covers. Maintaining restrooms is significantly simpler and more economical with NeatSeat coverings. These coverings act as a barrier between the user and the toilet seat in order to promote sanitization and stop the spread of germs. The NeatSeat covers are extremely effective and simple to use, dispensing one cover at a time with a simple flick of the finger. The cover moves directly from the dispenser to the toilet seat without needing to be pulled, torn, or unfolded. Also, the middle piece of the cover is die-cut and automatically drags it down the drain after flushing the toilet when it's time to discard it.

The NeatSeat coverings are eco-friendly. They help reduce waste and lessen the negative effects on the environment because they are completely water soluble and safe for all plumbing systems. For employees, clients, and visitors, cleanliness and hygiene are crucial considerations, particularly in public facilities. Using disposable toilet seat covers like NeatSeat not only encourages cleanliness and hygiene but also lowers the expense of upkeep. By using these covers, you can avoid having to often clean toilet seats, which will ultimately save time and money. Furthermore, offering disposable toilet seat coverings demonstrates your concern for the comfort and wellbeing of your workers, clients, and visitors, which can enhance your reputation and image.

NeatSeat dispensers are simple and practical in design, making them simple to load and operate. The dispenser is made entirely of metal, which ensures its durability and lifespan, and the antibacterial "boot" adds an extra layer of hygienic security. Overall, NeatSeat dispensers are a dependable and useful way to keep bathrooms clean and encourage good hygiene habits. The NeatSeat FH33 is a flexible dispenser for toilet seat covers that comes in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, polished or brushed chrome, and enamel in white or beige.

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