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Impressive Floors with Premiere Pads

Changing the style and texture of your floors has never been easier thanks to Premiere Pad's collection of floor pads, sanding screens, scouring pads, and scrubbing hand pads. The high-performance stripping pads are perfect for removing old coatings, and the polishing pads give either a light dry polish or a water spray for a high-gloss finish. Thanks to the simple washing and polishing that the spray buffing pads offer, your floors will always look their best. You can rely on Premiere Pads to enhance the look of your flooring and leave an impression on guests.

Get the freshest clean with the cellulose pink sponge! This durable sponge is designed to last through hundreds of uses without crumbling, staining, or developing unpleasant odors like traditional sponges. The yellow sponges are more absorbent than polyurethane sponges. They are stronger and less likely to fall apart.

Look no further than Premiere Pads Heavy-Duty Green Scrubbing Pads for clean floors. Our patented pad design is strong and durable enough to tackle the toughest of scrubbing jobs. With its unique shape, it fits all standard and low-speed autoscrubbers, floor machines, and pad drivers.

At machine speeds ranging from 1000 to 3000 RPM, the Premiere Pads High Performance Black Stripping Pad is an extremely aggressive stripper. Because of its washable and reusable open-end web construction, it has a longer lifespan and helps delay landfill disposal.

The Premiere Pads White Polishing Pad is designed for mild dry polishing or water spraying to provide a high shine on floors.

For intense spray cleaning or scrubbing, the Premiere Pads Blue Scrubbing Pad is ideal. It is an excellent choice for restoring the luster of worn-out flooring because it effectively removes unclean top layers of polish.

Use the Premiere Pads Red Spray Buffing Pad for cleaning, polishing, and spray buffing. It is a versatile substitute for maintaining the aesthetics of floors and may be used with pad drivers, floor machines, and low-speed autoscrubbers.

For high-frequency, high-gloss burnishing programs on softer floor finishes, the aqua-colored Premiere Pads Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad is ideal. Because of its shape, it is the best option for keeping floors in heavily trafficked areas shiny.

The white Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad is a flexible solution that performs well on a variety of floor finishes and traffic situations. It is made of natural hair and synthetic fiber. Its construction guarantees top performance when burnishing floors to a high gloss.

The Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad with extra natural hair and synthetic fiber is developed for low-frequency burnishing operations on tougher floor finishes. Its composition guarantees top performance when burnishing floors to a high gloss. Use the Ultra Champagne Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pad with light-to-moderate burnishing programs.

For sanding worn-out and scratched wood floors, the black sanding screen with 60 grit is a fantastic option. Its non-loading, open-weave mesh construction is coated on both sides, allowing reversible use in wet or dry conditions.

A wide variety of floor maintenance options are provided by Premiere Pads to meet different cleaning requirements. Premiere Pads has you covered whether you need to remove tough stains, polish to a high sheen, or strip existing finishes.

Premiere Pad floor pads, sanding screens,scouring pads, and scrubbing hand pads.

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