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The history of quality tools at Channellock began in 1886 when the blacksmith George B. DeArment began improving tools farriers used on horse hooves. The line extended to include hammers, and in 1933, the multi-position, tongue-and-groove, slip-joint style pliers known as Channellock Champion were developed. Today, Channellock produces more than 120 pliers with other hand tools. According to DeArment, employees come first, size does not always equate to quality, commitment to excellence means overcoming adversity, and good management never leaves the plant.

Get perfect illumination for any situation with Channellock Flashlights! Our powerful aluminum body, rubber head, and tail caps make it unbreakable, while the high-performance LED provides a bright light adjustable to high, low, or strobe settings. Enjoy a long-lasting battery life with the included 2AA and 3AAA batteries, and never worry about not being able to see in the dark again. With our rubber-encased LED headlamp, you get bright white and red-light settings, perfect for any situation. And with manual or sensor on/off settings, you will have light when you need it most.

Get rid of those bulky, hard-to-use pipe cutters and upgrade to Channellock Pipe Cutters! Our tubing cutters can handle up to 1-5/8 inch copper, aluminum, or stainless steel tubing, while the mini tubing cutters are perfect for those tight spaces.

The Striking tools from Channellock include rapid maul, double-faced sledgehammer, camper axe, steel pick mattock, steel cutter mattock, clay pick, and more. Our tape measure section includes chrome, professional, steel reel, and open reel fiberglass tape measures. The Job Site Tool Boxes and Structural Foam Tool Boxes are a must-have for every professional, providing durability, security, and portability for your workspace. And the toolbox casters are perfect for quickly transporting your tools from site to site.

Say goodbye to mess and dirt quickly with Channellock Wet/Dry Vacuums! Our powerful vacuums come in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 8 gallons, perfect for any job. With our range of accessories like dust bags, filter bags, dry filter bags, cartridge filters, and foam filters, you have everything you need to keep your space clean and organized.

Don't delay getting a grip on your work with Channellock's heavy-duty, Pro grip and leather work gloves, perfect for any project. Plus, our Ultra-bright handheld work light with a swivel/pivoting head and magnet and hook allow you to direct light exactly where you need it with no hands required. Our UL-listed extension cords with slide-locking lighted ends are ideal for use at home or on the job site.

Channellock's adjustable Single Roller Stand is the perfect tool for any project, from home repair to professional construction. With its easy-lock grip and adjustable height of up to 43 inches, this stand supports up to 250 lbs. The Tri-function Roller Stand includes a single roller stand, a support stand, and a multi-directional all-in-one unit. We also manufacture electrical accessories like multi-outlet cords and surge strips.

Get the power and precision of Channellock's tools to tackle any job - big or small - and experience the quality craftsmanship that's stood the test of time.

Introducing a new line of CHANNELLOCK tools for the professional and DIYer. Known for their quality, durability and attention to detail, the name CHANNELLOCK and patented CHANNELLOCK Blue color has now expanded beyond pliers and cutters into more product categories. Designed with the professional in mind, but affordable enough for the homeowner.

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