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ProTeam manufactures ergonomic commercial backpack vacuums and HEPA vacuums designed to clean more area in less time. It's about having the Right Tool for the Right Job.

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Pro-Team Super Coach Pro Backpack Vacuums

The Super Coach Pro 6 & 10 quart are the next generation in cleaning comfort. Ergonomic backpack design with patent pending FlexFit articulating harness increases range of motion, reduces fatigue, and improves productivity. Click to View Series

Pro-Team Super Coach Vac Backpack Vacuums

The Super Coach Vacs are a productivity powerhouse designed to tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges. With high filtration and extensive power, this unit is ideal for vacuuming high square-footage areas that require the utmost cleanliness. Click to View Series

ProTeam QuarterVac Backpack Vacuums

The Pro-Team Super QuarterVac HEPA Backpack Vacuum is the smaller sibling of the Super CoachVac but just as powerful. It is versatile enough for any sized cleaning professional. Click to View Series

Pro-Team QuietPro BP Hepa Backpack Vacuum

The Pro-Team QuietPro BP HEPA backpack vacuum with QuietPower Technology delivers high performance and exceptional cleaning strengths for environments where low sound levels are critical. Never worry about disrupting building occupants during regular business hours again. Click to View Series

ProTeam MegaVac Backpack Vacuums

The Pro-Team MegaVac Backpack Vacuums utilize Pro-Team's most powerful motor and defines industrial strength. The design is very versatile, allowing for quick conversion into a high powered blow while the huge filter capacity contains large amounts of debris. Click to View Series

ProTeam ProVac BP Backpack Vacuum

The Pro-Team ProVac BP is designed specifically to triumph over the demands of the food service and hospitality industry. The ProVac backpack vacuum is virtually indestructible. Click to View Series

ProTeam LineVacer Backpack Vacuum

Pro-Team LineVacer HEPA/ULPA Backpack Vacuums are best when clean air in a controlled environment is critical. Pro-Team's industrial HEPA/ULPA vacuum is ideal for applications when clean air is necessary such as medical facilities, clean rooms and computer labs. Click to View Series

AviationVac Backpack Vacuum

The Pro-Team AviationVac Backpack Vacuum series is designed exclusively for the transportation industry. The AviationVac utilizes the same 400 Hz power system used on transport vehicles without the need for bulky adaptors. The lightweight wand and ergonomic backplate provides a highly efficient tool for cleaning up in a hurry. Click to View Series

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