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Superior Cleaning Solutions from Unger

Henry Unger, a professional window cleaner, started creating cleaning solutions for professional use and created his own company, Unger, in Hamburg, Germany, more than 50 years ago. In the professional cleaning sector, Unger is now a market leader and a multinational corporation.

Unger is still investing and growing today. Unger has a new plant in Solingen, Germany, in addition to its headquarters in Connecticut, USA, to service its expanding global company. Unger attributes its success to its smart and talented workforce. They collaborate with business partners in more than 80 nations and promote Unger's premium cleaning tools.

Unger is a leading provider of cutting-edge and knowledgeable cleaning solutions. You will discover the product you need for your cleaning needs at Unger, whether you need it for food service, floor mopping systems, restroom cleaning, floor care maintenance, water-fed pole washing, window cleaning, telescoping poles, dusting, or litter disposal.

Unger's selection of rubber squeegees comes in a variety of sizes and varieties to efficiently remove large amounts of liquid and debris from any hard floor surface, including tile, concrete, asphalt, and stone surfaces. Squeegee options include Sanitary Squeegees, Push Pull Floor Squeegees, AquaDozer, Smartfit WaterWand Squeegees, and more. Refills and replacements are also offered.

You may find all the scraping tools you need to maintain clean flat surfaces in Unger's inventory. Paint and stickers can easily be removed with glass scrapers. Cooking surfaces are kept spotless with grill scrapers. Even the strongest adhesives can be removed with floor scrapers. The well-known scrapers at Unger include ErgoTec, Sanitary, Pro, and Brute.

Discover a duster made of any material, including alternatives made of lambswool or microfiber, at Unger. The StarDuster range provides specially designed pipe and ceiling fan brushes. You can design the ideal cleaning tool for your task with a large assortment of dust cleaner equipment and accessories, including cones, clips, and adapters.

With the commercial broom and dustpan set from Unger, your cleaning efforts will be improved! Unger has created the distinctive telescoping dustpan and broom design to meet the requirements of the broadest range of cleaners.

Safety and strength go hand in hand with Unger high-access cleaning products, which range from extension arms to telescoping cleaning poles. The Pro aluminum handles are ideal for avoiding back and bending issues. Nifty Nabber, TelePlus, and Opti-Loc are some of the options that are available.

Commercial cleaning kits are available from Unger for short daily cleans, difficult-to-reach places, and thorough cleaning tasks.

Keep floors clean and safe with Unger's selection of floor cleaning supplies, including microfiber flat mops, microfiber string mops, and floor mopping systems. As microfiber technology is made to outperform cotton mops in durability and cleanliness, it eliminates the need for cumbersome and antiquated traditional cleaning mop systems.

You can maintain the cleanliness and safety of your living environments with Unger's selection of cleaning tools. With the help of technology, Unger eliminates the need for time-consuming conventional cleaning methods. In terms of cleanliness and toughness, these cleaning tools excel. All of your cleaning-related issues will have a solution at Unger.

Unger is the leading provider of innovative and professional cleaning solutions. Unger's include food service, microfiber cloth systems, floor mopping systems, restroom cleaning, floor care maintenance, waterfed pole cleaning, window cleaning, telescopic poles, dusting & litter removal.

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