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The Banner Stakes Company was born when the founder caught sight of a messy, disorganized caution tape blowing in the wind at a construction site and was concerned. He sat down and developed a safety solution that was robust and provided clear communication to the people around him. The product was embraced by the market, and since then, the company has been on an innovation spree, constantly developing new products for more industries and promoting safety in various contexts.

It has been a decade since then, and Banner Stakes is still focused on developing the highest quality, innovative, cutting-edge safety solutions that keep people safe and facilities safer to be in. Banner Stakes was acquired by McCue Corporation in 2022. Banner Stakes is the leader in portable safety barricades for any industry, including automotive, aviation, industrial, manufacturing, hospitality and gaming, janitorial and sanitation, MRO, construction, healthcare, crowd control, safety, equipment maintenance, warehousing, and traffic control.

Banner Stakes are an effective, reusable, and portable barricade solution that demarcates areas where entry is prohibited, reducing liability. The belts provide clear warnings, which reduce misunderstandings, increase productivity, and improve safety. When you buy from Banner Stakes, you can be certain of the quality and dependability of your purchase. You have more visibility since the 2.5" wide retractable belt is 25% larger than regular competitor belts. These belts are replaceable and come in the widest range of in-stock messages to meet your safety requirements.

    The product line of Banner Stakes includes:
  • QLine Portable Queueing Barriers: QLine portable queueing barriers are the ideal safety option for traditional crowd control and queue line management, both indoors and outdoors. These long-lasting retractable belt barriers, with aluminum posts and a variety of finish and safety message belt options, ensure maximum safety and operating efficiency.
  • Plus Line: This is a portable, modular, and effective barrier system designed to reduce the danger of accidents and injuries on construction sites or during events. Telescoping stanchions, fillable bases, and interchangeable retractable belts are features of these portable barriers. The telescoping stanchion reaches 42" and comes with a retractable spike for usage, both inside and outside. The industrial-strength carts allow for easy mobility as well as quick construction and disassembly of the barrier system.
  • Banner Stakes' Magnetic Wall-Mount Barriers can be attached to a variety of surfaces. It's made with the strongest rare-earth magnets available, promoting a stronger and more permanent connection. Suction cups enable mounting on magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces such as metal, stainless steel, glass, wood, and plastic. They come in three practical lengths and offer the widest range of safety messages for the most effective warnings.

Banner Stakes was created in response to the demand for a more efficient and effective method of communicating safety warnings via temporary and transportable communication barriers. Banner Stakes is the industry benchmark for dependability and quality. It is a must-have for every workplace that wants to promote the highest safety standards while remaining cost-effective.

Banner Stakes: the industry standard for quality and dependability. Banner Stakes barricade system is an effective, re-usable and portable system that provides unique safety benefits. This system sections off areas to reduce liability and convey warnings to eliminate confusion, increase productivity, and enhance safety.

Banner Stakes is the leader in portable safety barricades for any industry including Automotive, Aviation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, Janitorial & Sanitation, MRO, Construction, Healthcare, Crowd Control, Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Warehousing, and Traffic Control.

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