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Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Laundry Transporting Products

For over 65 years, R&B Wire Products has been manufacturing wire, tubular and steel related laundry products serving a variety of industries. It was wire laundry carts that got them started but have expanded their product line to include Industrial Hampers, Hamper Bags & Accessories, Vinyl Bushel Trucks/Carts, Poly Bushel Trucks/Carts, Wire Linen Carts & Shelving Units, Privacy Screens & Health Care Products, Garment Racks

Carts, trucks, hampers, and accessories from R&B Wire!

R&B started its journey of manufacturing laundry carts in 1946. R&B Wire Products has been catering to numerous industries and producing wire, tube, and steel-related laundry products for over 65 years. R&B Wire Products has since broadened its product line to include a core product line of garment racks, wire, linen, utility carts, wire shelving, linen trucks, turnabout trucks, poly trucks, a vinyl bushel and elevated trucks, privacy screens, and a substantial line of hampers. These items are produced to make handling laundry, housekeeping, supplies, janitorial, and other general transportation needs simple and effective. R&B Wire Products has always aimed to provide consumers with a satisfying and worthwhile experience. Over the years, R&B has worked closely with clients to provide the best quality and support.

Every product from R&B is created to the greatest quality standards, and it is supported by a dedication to client satisfaction, durability, and safety. You can be confident that these products offer greater adaptability and dependability than standard equipment that this industry creates. R&B products are made to last you for a very long time, without giving you any problems, and to save you a lot of money over time. The staff has years of experience in offering support and will help you perform your daily operations smoothly. This dedication to leadership, innovation, and knowledge ensure that R&B goods are the finest in their category.

R&B manufactures various products, including specialized medical supplies, commercial laundry carts, garment racks, and medical privacy screens. These solutions are available in various configurations to meet your specific requirements. Each part is created with quality in mind and is designed for high performance, whether it be the steel wire baskets, the steel tubing used in the carts, the non-polyurethane casters, the bumpers, or others. Every feature added to the products is intended to simplify and organize your tasks. The upkeep of them is likewise quite simple. It's best to clean them using a cleaning solution or moist towel regularly. It holds true for the bases, casters, racks, and baskets. To keep your carts clean and dry, follow up by wiping them with a dry cloth to eliminate any remaining moisture or debris. We create and design items to withstand years of heavy use in busy business settings and tiny residences.

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