Laundry Carts and Basket Trucks

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Laundry Carts and Basket Trucks from R&B Wire Products

Convenience, efficiency, and quality are all key factors to consider when purchasing laundry carts and trucks for your business. When arranging and storing clothing, a large-sized cart helps! Clothes, towels, and blankets fit perfectly into a cart with a broad aperture. With carts with wheels, sheets and quilts can be easily delivered to the laundry room.

R&B Wire Products produce various goods to make your laundry chores efficient, including poly trucks, vinyl basket trucks, and wire laundry carts. Each can be customized to meet your requirements and fit your working environment. You can choose from our basic products, the heavy-duty ones, and the ones with custom capabilities to fit any size, cart, or vehicle that gives you maximum efficiency.

Since 1946, R&B Wire Products has designed and produced various commercial wire products and supplies that are intended to be long-lasting, effective, and affordable. Here, you get the best laundry carts on the market, and they have a well-designed structure. The framework of the laundry cart is designed for long-lasting strength and reliable performance. Laundry carts with hanging rods can accommodate pants, shirts, vests, coats, jackets, blouses, down jackets, and dresses. High-quality materials have been used for steel frames, laundry bags, and wheel casters. The durable wheel casters help the laundry carts move smoothly on carpets, tile, and concrete floors. These strong laundry carts are widely used in laundries, dorm rooms, bedrooms, restrooms, and other locations. They are ideal for dry cleaners, commercial laundries, coin laundries, and uniform stores. When looking for a durable and perfect hamper, look no further than R&B premium hampers. Utilize the R&B laundry baskets and carts to the fullest and organize and stack your clothing efficiently with these baskets.

To manage and store your laundry, purchase laundry carts and basket trucks from R&B Wire Products. They are long-lasting, functional, and affordable.

Wired Laundry Carts

UnoClean's collection of Wire Laundry Carts include several different styles; Narrow; Front Load; Large Capacity; Large Capacity Front Load; Mega Capacity; Antimicrobial ; Dura-Seven™ Deluxe Elevated; Economy; Car Wash; Linens & Covers for Laundry Carts and Replacement Parts & Accessories.

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