Bobrick: A Leading Manufacturer of Washroom Accessories and Toilet Partitions

Bobrick is a North Hollywood, California-based company with more than 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing washroom accessories and toilet partitions. It has seven manufacturing centers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and is widely recognized as an industry leader in providing well-designed and value-oriented washroom solutions. Bobrick products are relied upon by some of the world's most prominent companies and institutions to reinforce their brand, reduce long-term operating costs, and position their organizations for success.

Bobrick offers a broad range of washroom accessories, including paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, soap dispensers, and toilet seat cover dispensers, among others.

The company's Classic Series Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser & Waste Receptacle is a popular choice for its seamless design, beveled flange, and ability to dispense 600 C-fold or 800 multifold towels. The soft paper surface on top is ideal for sensitive skin. Similarly, the Classic Series Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser has a satin finish that resists fingerprints, is made of one-piece, seamless construction, and can hold 250 single or half-fold covers.

Bobrick also provides several solutions for baby changing stations, such as the Baby Changing Station Sanitary Bed Liners. This product includes extra-large sizing, a smooth paper top surface, and a pre-folded design that simplifies dispensing. Meanwhile, the Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station features Microban antimicrobial protection that reduces the spread of germs, an extra-wide surface that provides ample space, and universal instruction graphics and safety messages in six languages plus Braille. It also has a concealed pneumatic cylinder and metal chassis that offer smooth functioning and easy mounting.

Bobrick's range of toilet partitions includes the Contura Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, which is made of stainless steel with a satin finish. The Reversible Folding Shower Seat is constructed of water-resistant solid phenolic, is designed for durability, and can support up to 360 lbs when properly installed.

Bobrick's commitment to innovation and design can be seen in its range of automated solutions, including the TrimLine ADA Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer, which uses patented dual-flow parallax ducts to project air in a broad swirling pattern, ensuring fast and comfortable hand-drying. This dryer strikes an optimal balance between low noise levels and high task efficiency, with a maximum noise imprint of 73 dBA. Its ADA-compliant and barrier-free design ensures excellent projection that is free from any obstruction from the wall. The SureFlo Premium Gold Soap-Tank Cartridge is another popular choice, with its highly effective, gentle cleansing power and ultra-high-capacity tank cartridge that lasts for up to 13,000 hand washes.

The Stainless Steel C-Fold/Multifold Towel Dispenser is a versatile and durable unit designed to efficiently dispense either 400 C-Fold or 525 Multifold towels without requiring any adjustment or adapter. The dispenser features cabinet slots that indicate the ideal refill time, making it easy to keep track of when the unit needs to be restocked.

Bobrick is a leading manufacturer of washroom accessories and toilet partitions, providing value-oriented solutions that reinforce brand identity and reduce long-term operating costs for success.

Anything Less Costs More™ Bobrick has been manufacturing quality Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers, Toilet Partitions & Washroom Accessories since 1906. Bobrick products are suitable for Commercial building, healthcare facilities, Hospitals, Manufacturing Plants, Public Service Buildings and Colleges & Universities with light to heavy traffic. All Bobrick products offer aesthetic design excellence, high quality construction, durable vandal resistance & budget sensitive specifications.

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