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Sprayers that Deliver from Chapin

The creation of Chapin Manufacturing in 1884 was the result of Ralph E. Chapin's observation and desire to fix the frequently leaking kerosene storage tanks. The business initially produced storage tanks before extending its product portfolio to include pumps, hand sprayers, and compressed air sprayers. Today, Chapin is still a market-leading producer of premium sprayers and accessories for a variety of markets and uses.

For more than a century, Chapin has offered sprayers, spreaders, irrigation systems, and accessories that are the best in the business. Chapin is a multinational company with production facilities all around the world that is dedicated to hiring American workers and supporting local communities. Their commitment to quality and creativity is shown in the fact that their products are created in the USA using materials from around the world.

Before being delivered around the world, Chapin sprayers are produced in their sizable facility in Batavia, New York, and are subject to exacting quality control standards. The business takes pride in its 12-step, computer-controlled Tri-Poxy coating procedure, which prevents rust and corrosion on all interior metal sprayer seams, welds, crevices, bottoms, and walls. Chapin strives to exceed customers' expectations in terms of quality, delivery, and value while maintaining a commitment to accountability, integrity, and continual improvement.

At Chapin, a variety of sprayers are available. A 16-ounce sprayer called the Poly Rose and Plant Head Duster is intended for applying insecticides and fungicides to fragile plants with care and accuracy. The 32-ounce hand-held sprayer called the Spray Bottle is perfect for applying insecticides and herbicides to small areas in need of spot treatments. For applying deck stains, sealants, and cleansers, the Clean-N-Seal poly deck sprayer is available in 1- or 2-gallon versions. Professionals can choose the powerful Clean-N-Seal professional deck sprayer, which is available in 1- or 2-gallon quantities.

The Lawn & Garden Steel Sprayer is a tough 2-gallon alternative for garden and lawn applications. Similar to the steel sprayer but with a tank for easier and more effective spraying, there is the Lawn & Garden steel tank sprayer. For concrete applications, including applying concrete sealers and curing agents, the Industrial Concrete Tank sprayer is a 3.5-gallon choice. The 4 gallon Pro Series backpack sprayer has a backpack configuration, making it perfect for bigger operations that call for mobility. The Commercial Duty Backpack Sprayer is comparable to the Pro Series, but it has a more robust construction and extra features like padded straps and a pressure gauge.

Chapin offers a wide variety of individual components and replacement parts for their sprayers, including nozzles, extensions, hoses, and repair kits, so customers can easily maintain and repair their sprayers. Due to the accessibility of replacement parts, customers can also save money by maintaining their sprayers rather than replacing them entirely.

Chapin is a top manufacturer of irrigation, spreaders, sprinklers, and other accessories for homes and businesses. Chapin maintains its growth and market dominance by placing a great emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

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