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Achieve a Spotless Clean with Sandia Products

Are you looking for the most advanced and profitable cleaning performance? Look no further than Sandia Products! Since 1996, Ultimate Solutions, Sandia Products division has produced cutting-edge, premium janitorial tools and accessories. Customer excellence, premium quality, and dynamic value are the keys to our distributors' long-term success, all backed by the "Best Warranty on the Planet."

Sandia's superior cleaning equipment solutions offer maximum performance. Sandia is a vision-driven sister company to Mercury Floor Machines, Inc. and Ultimate Solutions, Inc. Mr. Bill Allen president and the chief executive officer, has coordinated this trifecta for the benefit of our clients. You now have the "ultimate advantage" in obtaining the best of the best while combining orders and benefiting from free freight policies thanks to the tagline "Together We're Better!" Because we care so much about people, we take our cleaning business very seriously. One of our core values is to "stop spreading dirt and start spreading joy"! We wish to change perspectives by making life simpler and more enjoyable for people who clean the world by utilizing our knowledge and experience.

Sandia Products Sniper Carpet Extractor Series clean carpets and hard surfaces with the ultimate pressure washing power of up to 800 PSI pump rates and 1200 PSI injection. With capacity ranging from 6- to 12-gallon solution and recovery tanks, you'll be able to handle any job, no matter the size.

Are you looking for an air mover that gives you power and flexibility all in one? Sandia Products GenAir Air Movers deliver! With their 1/2 HP, 3-speed motor, 10-inch wide steel fan blade, and ability to adjust at both 45- and 90-degrees angles, you can quickly dry surfaces and move musty air with ease.

Get those stubborn stains out of your carpets and upholstery the easy way with our powerful Spot Extractors! Our extractors are designed to be ultra-durable, efficient, and portable, so you can get spot cleaning done without needing bulky, expensive carpet extractors.

Our INDY Automotive line offers the fastest soil pick-up and highest CFM airflow, while the durable pump delivers heated extracting solution directly into the carpet. Get rid of dirt and grime without worrying about damage to your vehicle's interior.

Our Backpack Vacuums with disposable, heavy-duty paper micro-bag and washable cloth shakeout bags collect soil efficiently, leaving exhaust air cleaner. Plus, they are designed to be worn on the back for easy and quick vacuuming while walking. They are ideal for hallways, airplanes, and commercial spaces.

Sandias Force 14 Upright Vacuum with a powerful 12 amp motor and 74.8 inches of suction lift will have your carpets looking brand new in no time, while the polished stainless steel glide plate ensures a gentle ride on your carpets. You can also avail of different parts and accessories for your Sandia backpacks, extractors, and more from Unoclean.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing of floor and carpet care equipment provides you with the best quality and efficiency. From carpet extractors, vacuum cleaners, and dryers to automotive detailing equipment, we have everything to get your cleaning job done quickly and effectively.

Sandia Products provide a superior performance with features and capabilities that only Sandia can provide. Sandia Products include Box Extractors, Spot Extractors, Backpack Vacuums, Upright Vacuums and AirMover Professional Dryer Fans. Arrive on the job with one of these Sandia Products and you arrive with pride, confidence and professionalism. Sandia's dedication to innovative solutions makes your daily task that much easier. Compare Sandia to the competition and discover the Sandia difference for yourself.

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