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Sandia Carpet Cleaning Box Extractor Machines

Get the job done right with Sandia Spot Extractors! Our powerful yet lightweight extractors are excellent for small upholstery and spot-cleaning jobs and come with a 76-inch lift to ensure fast and efficient cleaning. The two-stage Ametek vacuum motor recovers the spent solution and soils, and the recovery tanks separate for easy disposal, so you'll have carpets dried in no time. Choose from the 2-Gallon or 3-Gallon capacity extractors today and experience hassle-free spot cleaning like never before!

Our innovative 3-gallon spot extractor with a steel heater chassis and roto-molded tank and frame makes spot cleaning easy, fast, and effective. Additionally, select models include upholstery tools and hoses to simplify the cleaning process. Its molded carrying handle makes machine transport easy. This tool is best for cleaning small upholstery and spot-cleaning jobs.

The Sandia Sniper Carpet Extractor Series come in 6- or 12-gallon tank capacities, with a range of 100-800 PSI pump rates. Our extractor packs 1200 PSI injection and an unbeatable vacuum power perfect for contained pressure washing. Featuring a patented Eternity Brush System and thermal-protected sealed motors, these high-performance extractors stay cool and provide an impressive 3-times longer motor brush life. Plus, the roto-molded polyethylene body gives your machines maximum durability, and the non-marking wheels prevent marking or damage to your floors. Waist-high controls prevent bending and stopping the operation of the machine. Plus, they're portable and designed for deep cleaning of your carpets.

Our Indy Automotive line of Extractors with 3, 6, and 12-gallon sizes complete with an inline heater that lets you extract with a 180-degree Fahrenheit solution. Enjoy their faster soil pick-up and high CFM airflow for quick and easy spot cleaning.

Get ready for deep-down clean carpets with Sandia Carpet Cleaning Box Extractor Machines. Our products help keep your carpets looking beautiful and lasting longer.

The Sniper Carpet Cleaning Extraction Machines are superior performing carpet cleaner machines with features and capabilities that only Sandia can provide!

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Superior Carpet Cleaning Solutions by Sandia

Sandia Spot Extractors

Spot extractors from Sandia provide effective and focused cleaning solutions for spills and stains that are limited in area. These lightweight, portable devices effectively eliminate stains from upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces, guaranteeing a prompt and thorough cleaning procedure.

Sandia Box Extractors with Wand Kit

Sandia's box extractors come with a complete wand kit, so you can enjoy cleaning on par with a professional establishment. Larger carpeted areas can be thoroughly cleaned with these units, which have strong suction, excellent water recovery, and effective solution application. They're ideal for tackling tough stains and revitalizing carpets effectively.

Sandia Box Extractors

Because of their powerful cleaning capabilities, Sandia box extractors are the preferred option for both commercial and residential cleaning applications. Large carpeted areas are effectively and completely cleaned by these units, which offer superior suction power and solution application for thorough cleaning.

All Sandia carpet cleaning extractors are engineered with precision and innovation, offering features such as

Powerful Suction

Enjoy efficient water and debris extraction from carpets, leaving them cleaner and drier in less time.

Advanced Solution Application

Precision-engineered spray nozzles ensure even and effective distribution of cleaning solutions.

Portable and User-Friendly Design

Sandia extractors are designed for ease of use, featuring ergonomic handles, manoeuvrable wheels, and compact sizes for hassle-free transportation and operation.

Durable Construction

Crafted from high-quality materials, these machines are built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


From spot cleaning to deep extraction on large carpeted areas, Sandia extractors offer versatile solutions for various cleaning needs.

It concludes, Sandia's commitment to quality and innovation makes their carpet cleaning extractors the preferred choice for professional cleaners, janitorial services, and homeowners looking for powerful and reliable cleaning equipment. Whether it's removing tough stains, deep cleaning high-traffic areas, or maintaining the pristine condition of carpets and upholstery, Sandia carpet cleaning extractors deliver exceptional results, efficiency, and ease of use. Choose Sandia for your carpet cleaning needs and experience the difference in performance and quality that these powerful extractors offer.

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