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Cleaning Products that Make a Difference from Reckitt-Benckiser

Reckitt-Benckiser is a British multinational consumer goods company that was founded in 1823. Over time, the business expanded the variety of products and services it provided, including commercial cleaning products as a part of its hygiene division. In 1999, Reckitt & Colman and Benckiser NV merged to form the Reckitt Benckiser Group. As its market share for cleaning supplies for professionals increased, the company kept expanding its brand range.

Today, Lysol, Dettol, and Harpic are just a few of the well-known cleaning and disinfecting brands offered by Reckitt Benckiser Professional for use in commercial and industrial settings. The group operates in more than 60 countries and is dedicated to innovation and sustainability. It is a significant force in the global cleaning market.

Lysol, a company that produces cleaning and disinfection products, was established in 1889. Reckitt Benckiser, the firm behind the brand, sells a range of antibacterial sprays, wipes, and cleansers under its name. Lysol provides a range of disinfectants, including sprays and wipes, in addition to multipurpose cleansers that may be used on floors, worktops, and other surfaces. In addition to disinfecting kits that include a variety of cleaning tools, Lysol offers laundry sanitizers that assist in removing bacteria and viruses from clothing and linens.

In 1943, the Reckitt Benckiser Air Wick brand of air fresheners and scents made its debut in America. It provides a wide range of products, such as plug-in diffusers, scented candles, and automatic air fresheners. Air Wick products come in a variety of scents, from fruity and floral to woody and spicy, and are made to improve the smell of indoor environments.

Sani is a Reckitt Benckiser brand of cleaning and disinfection supplies. Sani products are efficient against a variety of bacteria and viruses and are made for use in healthcare facilities and other places where cleanliness is essential.

Rid-X is a brand of septic tank treatments. Rid-X products are meant to promote waste decomposition and maintain the health and efficiency of septic systems.

Reckitt Benckiser Old English furniture polish and cleaning products are designed to help polish, protect, and restore the beauty of wood furniture and surfaces.

After utilizing the Mop & Glo line of floor cleaners and polishes to help clean and protect them, floors are left with a long-lasting shine.

Reckitt Benckiser's Easy-Off brand of oven and grill cleaners is made to help get rid of stubborn, baked-on oil and filth from ovens, grills, and other cooking surfaces.

Dishwashing detergents and cleansers under the Finish brand help to protect and clean dishes while also preserving the health and efficiency of dishwashers.

A wide range of cleaning solutions are available from Reckitt Benckiser, all of which are intended to enhance the cleanliness, health, and aesthetics of interior areas. The firm is dedicated to innovation and sustainability and keeps creating new and improved goods to satisfy the shifting demands and standards of customers and businesses all around the world.

Reckitt Benckiser provides household, cleaning and speciality food products in North America. These products include LYSOL® cleaners and disinfectants, EASY-OFF® cleaners, RESOLVE® cleaners, AIR WICK scented candles and deodorizers.

Since the development of the first LYSOL® Disinfectant in 1889 to help prevent the spread of cholera in Europe, medical community experts have held LYSOL Brand products in high esteem. For over a century, talented research scientists have been developing numberous innovative and user-friendly disinfecting products. Today, many in the medical profession continue to trust the LYSOL Brand to meet their infection control needs.

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