Large Area Vacuums

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Large Area Vacuums: Unmatched Efficiency for Broad Cleaning Spaces

Large area vacuums are specially made devices intended to effectively and completely clean large floor areas. These vacuums save time and effort with their excellent cleaning performance, wider cleaning path, and strong suction capabilities.

28" Wide Area Vacuum Sweeper

This wide area vacuum sweeper is designed to easily handle large floor areas. Its 28-inch sweeping path expedites and streamlines cleaning, reducing the time required for thorough floor maintenance. After just one pass, the powerful suction effectively gathers dirt, debris, and particulates, leaving the surface immaculate.

BSW 28 Floor Sweeper - 28" Floor Sweeping Path

The BSW 28 Floor Sweeper is dependable and effective for larger areas. With a wide 28-inch sweeping path that efficiently collects dirt and debris, it's the ideal choice for areas that require frequent cleaning. Its dexterity and powerful suction ensure thorough cleaning in less time.

28" Wide Area Vacuum Cleaner

The 28" Wide Area Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile and robust machine designed to tackle extensive floor areas effortlessly. With a wide cleaning path and strong suction power, this vacuum cleaner excels in collecting dirt, dust, and debris from a variety of floor surfaces. Its efficiency and user-friendly design make it an excellent choice for commercial and industrial settings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Large Cleaning Path: The wide 28-inch cleaning path significantly reduces cleaning time, allowing for quicker coverage of extensive floor spaces
  • Efficient Performance: These vacuums boast powerful suction systems that efficiently pick up debris, dirt, and dust in a single pass, ensuring a thorough clean with minimal effort
  • Maneuverability: Despite their size, these machines are designed for easy maneuvering, enabling users to navigate corners and tight spaces with ease
  • Versatility: Large Area Vacuums are suitable for various floor types, including carpeted areas, hardwood floors, tile, and more, providing versatile cleaning solutions


Large Area Vacuums are ideal for vast commercial spaces such as shopping malls, warehouses, hotels, airports, and office complexes. Their ability to cover substantial floor areas quickly and effectively makes them indispensable tools for professional cleaning services and maintenance crews.

In conclusion, Large Area Vacuums are tailored to meet the demands of extensive floor cleaning, providing unmatched efficiency, wider coverage, and powerful suction for optimal results in larger spaces.

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