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The Perfect Ventilation Systems from Schaefer

The Schaefer Fan Company was established in 1951 in Benton County, Minnesota. Schaefer evolved from being a regional company to a North American powerhouse during the 1960s and 1970s. It then went on to become a global ventilation solutions supplier in the 1980s. With continuous innovation and development, Schaefer introduced the Barn Kooler Series of Fans in 1988 and the Americ Range of Restricted Space Ventilators in 1991.

Pinnacle Climate Technologies was formed in 2015 by the merger of Pinnacle Products and Schaefer Ventilation. Schaefer is now a subsidiary of Pinnacle Climate Technologies, a global leader in the heating, cooling, and ventilation markets. Pinnacle Climate Technologies is home to companies known globally for their dependability, durability, and innovation. It serves the commercial, industrial, agricultural, DIY, and other retail channels all around the world. Under the banner of Pinnacle Climate Technologies, Schaefer has emerged as a market leader in the design and manufacture of ventilation systems for the agricultural, commercial, horticultural, industrial, and rental industries, as well as for show animals.

Schaefer, the industry leader in outstanding ventilation equipment and cooling fans, now offers a comprehensive range of cooling fans, evaporative coolers and misting fans, exhaust fans, gas heaters, shutters, inlets, indoor air purification systems, and customized ventilators. Schaefer also provides spare parts and accessories.

Schaefer is dedicated to producing high-quality, high-performance products that are backed by industry-leading customer service. Their mission is to exceed customers' expectations all across the world. Schaefer Ventilation products are marketed through a large network of dealers and resellers in the United States and around the world. Unless otherwise specified, Schaefer goods are assembled in the United States from parts sourced both domestically and internationally, and they come with a two-year limited warranty.

These devices produce optimum air flow with the greatest efficiency, thanks to continual innovation and testing. All of Schaefer's fans are tested in-house utilizing approved and calibrated test equipment, and the most popular products are tested at the AMCA-certified BESS Lab at the University of Illinois.

Schaefer recognizes that optimal ventilation has an effect on productivity, error rates, morale, and the entire work environment in any manufacturing or production facility, and hence supplies the best ventilation solutions on the market. When you buy Schaefer products, you get tough, long-lasting products that are high performers. Schaefer fans are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, dampness, corrosive air or gasses, and to be spark resistant. Schaefer solutions are an excellent choice for long-term gains due to their high-quality materials, low running costs, and extreme durability. Furthermore, the after-care service is great, with complete expertise and access to the customer care team. Schaefer products are packaged and dispatched on schedule. Schaefer's staff, dealers, and resellers share our enthusiasm for providing complete solutions to mutual customers.

Schaefer is dedicated to offering high-quality, high-performance products, backed by industry-leading customer service, so that customers across the world are satisfied. Unless otherwise specified, Schaefer goods are assembled in the United States from parts sourced both domestically and internationally, and they come with a two-year limited warranty.

Schaefer Fan Ventilation Equipment for the agricultural, horticultural, industrial, commercial and rental applications. From Evaporator Cooling Systems, Portable Evaporator Coolers, Low and High Pressure Misting Fans, Air Circulation, Tuff & Gusty Carpet Dryers, Confined Space Ventilators, Exhaust Fans, Industrial Wash-down Duty Fans and Radiant Heaters, we have the thermal comfort solution to meet your needs.

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