Schaefer Versa-Kool Air Circulation Fan
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12" Versa-Kool Air Circulation Channel Pole Mount Tent Fan

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  • Manufacturer:Schaefer
  • Size:12" Diameter
  • Product Type:Air Circulation Fan
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Item Description:

Versa-Kool Pole Mounted Circulation Fans

Schaefer pole mounted tent fans are ideal for tent cooling, heat circulation and detracting bugs. The all-white fans blend in with most tents and are so quiet you don't hear them, you only feel them. Simply mount them on the tent side poles and turn them on. Use one tent fan every 15-20 feet.


  • 5 Foot Plug In Cord with Inline On/Off Switch
  • Mounts onto tent poles, saving floor space
  • Wide variety of mounting options available for flexible and easy installation
  • Quiet operation, high efficiency and output
  • Easily stored and transported
  • Misting kits available for even greater cooling


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