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Elevate Your Vacuuming Experience with Premium Attachments

With our extensive selection of premium attachments, you can maximize the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Our selection of vacuum accessories, which are made to meet a variety of cleaning requirements, improves the adaptability, effectiveness, and accuracy of your cleaning regimen.

Everything from Crevice Tools, Dust Brushes, Upholstery Tools, Pipe Cleaners and Wands – UnoClean has the professional vacuum cleaner tool attachments to get the job done.

Bulk Pick-Up Attachments

Easily handle large spills and debris with our bulk pick-up attachments. These attachments, which are designed to handle messes efficiently, quickly gather and organize dispersed materials, making it easy for you to keep your surroundings clean.

Crevice Tools

With the help of our carefully crafted crevice tools, you can fit into even the tightest spaces. These tools guarantee a complete clean in every area because they are ideal for removing dirt, dust, and debris from corners, edges, and other difficult-to-reach places.

Dust Brushes

Optimize your cleaning prowess with our dust brushes. Ideal for delicate surfaces, these brushes gently lift and remove dust, cobwebs, and fine particles, ensuring a meticulous clean without causing any damage.

Floor Tools - Carpet

Effortlessly revitalize carpets and rugs with our dedicated carpet floor tools. Engineered with specialized features for deep cleaning, these tools effectively remove embedded dirt and debris, leaving your carpets fresh and revitalized.

Floor Tools - Hard Surface

Experience superior cleaning on hard surfaces with our purpose-built hard surface floor tools. Crafted to handle various hard floors, these attachments ensure efficient debris removal without scratching or damaging surfaces.

Floor Tools - Multi-Surface

Versatile and adaptable, our multi-surface floor tools are designed to transition seamlessly across different floor types. From carpets to hard floors, these attachments maintain consistent cleaning performance for a spotless home or workspace.

Hose Cuffs

Secure and extend the functionality of your vacuum with our durable hose cuffs. Engineered for a tight fit and flexibility, these cuffs ensure a seamless connection between the hose and attachments, enhancing overall cleaning efficiency.

Vacuum Pickup Hoses

Upgrade your vacuuming experience with our range of pickup hoses. Available in various lengths and sizes, these hoses offer exceptional suction power, making quick work of dirt, debris, and spills.

Pipe Cleaner Attachments

Keep vents and pipes clean and clear with our specialized pipe cleaner attachments. Designed for precision and effectiveness, these attachments ensure a thorough removal of dust and debris from narrow ducts and pipes.

Upholstery Tools

Maintain the cleanliness of furniture and upholstery with our dedicated tools. Engineered for gentle yet effective cleaning, these attachments lift dirt and pet hair from upholstery, leaving your furniture fresh and spotless.


Enhance reach and versatility with our selection of wands. Designed to extend the reach of your vacuum cleaner, these wands enable you to access high or distant areas for a comprehensive clean.

Benefits of Our Attachments

Enhanced Versatility

Tailored attachments for various cleaning tasks, ensuring versatility and efficiency.

Precision Cleaning

Specialized tools designed for targeted cleaning in specific areas or surfaces.

Durability and Compatibility

High-quality materials for lasting performance, compatible with a range of vacuum models.

Effortless Maintenance

Easy-to-use attachments for hassle-free maintenance and versatile cleaning options.

It concludes, upgrade your vacuuming experience with our premium attachments, designed to elevate the efficiency, precision, and versatility of your cleaning routine. Explore our comprehensive range of attachments tailored for various cleaning needs and discover a new level of cleanliness today.

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