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Renovating Floors Effortlessly with Onfloor Technologies

Onfloor Technologies, a family-owned business, was established in 2002 with the goal of streamlining the preparation, resurfacing, and upkeep of floors. The business has become one of the leading manufacturers of multi-surface passive planetary floor restoration equipment as a result of its commitment to innovation. In addition to having its main office in Newburgh, New York, Onfloor also operates distribution centers there, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Aberdeen, North Carolina.

The Onfloor platform is a great option for both experts and DIY enthusiasts because it is simple to use, maintain, and service. All Onfloor models include the company's innovative triple belt drive system, which uses less electricity to provide more grinding torque. The design and tooling options considerably boost the user's adaptability, allowing the users to make the most of their capital investment. Be it wood, concrete, steel, or stone, Onfloor equipment can clean, polish, and resurface them for a fresh new look.

Onfloor Technologies is dedicated to providing high-end, cost-effective floor preparation tools and abrasives that are easy to use. Because of the company's in-depth expertise in floor resurfacing, users may carry out their tasks more easily. At UnoClean, a selection of Onfloor products is offered.

The Onfloor Technologies Concrete and Wood Floor Resurfacing Machine is a low-speed, lightweight machine that can quickly clean, polish, and resurface a variety of surfaces, including concrete and wood. This makes it mobile and effective to use.

The Onfloor Pro Series Floor Surfacing Machine is a flexible multi-surface planetary machine that, utilizing Onfloor's revolutionary triple-belt technology, can swiftly transform from being a concrete floor grinder to a concrete and stone floor polisher, wood floor sander, or wood deck resurfacer.

The Dynavac Pro 2000 Dust Collector Vacuum with HEPA filter improves air quality and hastens cleanup by effectively eliminating dust and debris from the work area. It boasts a large, coated filter that enables exceptional productivity and an 18-square-foot pleated filter area that ensures consistent suction performance.

For repairing and replacing broken base plates on Onfloor machines, the Replacement Base Plate Assembly is a practical option.

The Quick Tool Receiver Plates make tool changes quick and simple, boosting output and effectiveness.

The Quick Tool Train Concrete Floor Tool from Onfloor is made to swiftly and efficiently prepare concrete floors and has a sharp tapered edge that provides optimal material removal.

Onfloor's Quick Tool XT5 Floor Tool, 70 grit, with XT5-Seg diamonds has a less aggressive profile and is great for preparing medium- to soft-concrete floors and applying thin, low-solid sealants.

The Quick Tool Rip Tip Floor Tool from Onfloor is an extremely aggressive tool that works well for rough surface preparation on hard concrete as well as removing resistant coatings and materials from floors.

Onfloor Technologies has made a name for itself as a top manufacturer of multi-surface and passive planetary floor repair equipment. With a dedication to innovation and simplification, the business has gained popularity among experts and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Onfloor Technologies provides innovation to simplify preparing, resurfacing and maintaining concrete and hard surface floors as the leading manufacturer of multi-surface passive planetary floor restoration machines.

Onfloor Technologies Videos & Demonstrations are available for viewing here.

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