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John Koen founded Hydro Tek Systems in 1985 because of his passion for designing high-tech, durable pressure washer equipment. Today, Hydro Tek is one of the industry's top producers of pressure washers. Each member of the staff at Hydro Tek enjoys going above and beyond for customers. The company gives both R&D and manufacturing efficiency a high priority, enabling it to provide unique value in a competitive international market.

Because of its success, Hydro Tek has increased the range of products it offers, including the water-saving Hydro Loop wash water recovery and recycling systems. Nilfisk, a leader in professional cleaning equipment with sales offices in 45 nations and a robust dealer network in more than 100 nations worldwide, acquired Hydro Tek in 2015. Through this acquisition, Hydro Tek has been able to broaden its customer base and keep on producing cutting-edge, superior products.

The RPV Hydro Vacuum is a water evacuation device for collecting and moving waste water. By transferring the water while vacuuming, it reduces the inefficient operation of needing to repeatedly dump your collecting tank. The RPV should be used by contractors who deal with flood and fire restoration.

A strong and mobile cleaning option, the SH Series Hot Power Washer is ideal for use in places without access to electricity. It has an industrial-duty engine that drives a triplex ceramic plunger direct-drive pump and a thermostatically controlled 12 VDC burner. The stainless-wrapped steel coil heats water to a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a versatile and effective cleaning solution that can tackle even the most difficult cleaning tasks.

The SK Series is a mobile water wash skid that can be put on a trailer or a truck, making it simple to move to any area. The machine doesn't need an electricity supply to work because it has a 12V diesel burner and an industrial-duty electric-start pump. The stainless steel-wrapped 1/2" SCH 80 coil heats water up to 250 degrees F, while the large 8.0 gallon gas and diesel tanks provide extended run times.

When there is no on-site water supply, you can still move your equipment around and clean using Hydro Tek trailers and tank skids. Both the trailers and the tank skids have been specially made for our pressure washers and have tough steel frames and long-lasting construction. The water tank for your mobile pressure washer system will arrive fully plumbed and ready to use, regardless of the option you select.

An effective and portable way to provide immediate hot water is the 12V Hot Link Hot Water Generator. It is perfect for difficult cleaning tasks like removing gum, graffiti, or oil since it can be connected to a cold water pressure washer to quickly melt away grease and filth. The Hot Link System's small size makes it simple to store and move, taking up less room on trucks or trailers.

Hydro Tek offers an array of vacuum accessories, including aluminum carpet wands, vacuum hoses with cuffs, vacuum scuppers, vacuum arch fittings, and vacuum accessory bundles.

Due to their commitment to creating innovative and dependable pressure washer equipment, Hydro Tek stands out as a leading provider in the industry. Hydro Tek presently offers a full range of reliable pressure washing solutions for all of your commercial and industrial cleaning needs.

Hydro Tek provides the most durable and fastest cleaning pressure washers in the industry. The industrial pressure washers are mobile commercial pressure washer systems ideal for any cleaning task from concrete and flatwork to fleet washing and restaurant hood vent cleaning. Hydro Tek pressure washers are designed for commercial and industrial applications.

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