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Premeasured Cleaning

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Since 1964, Stearns Packaging Corporation has been the foremost provider of premeasured liquid and powder cleaning systems for the janitorial and institutional markets.

Stearn's record of innovation has revolutionized the cleaning industry with packaging technology and premeasured cleaning products that eliminate the complexity and wasteful over-mixing associated with gallons, pails, and drums. More Info

Save $$$ on Freight with Premeasured Portion Controlled Cleaning Concentrates

Environmental Impact

For more than forty years, the concept of premeasured products with reduced packaging, accurate measurement, and safe formulations has been the cornerstone of Stearns’ product philosophy. It is their objective to help their customers meet their goals by focusing on the principles of environmental sustainability.

In cooperation with government and environmental agencies, Stearn's ongoing evaluation of formulations and packaging technology ensures quality performance while reducing environmental impact.

10 Measures of Success with Stearns Premeasured & Water-Soluble Cleaning Solutions

  1. No Waste - Premeasured One Packs™, Water Flakes®, and Quik Tank make perfect solutions without over-mixing
  2. Save Money - Pay for cleaning strength, not water or expensive dilution-control equipment
  3. Easy Training- No special instructions, just add one color-coded packet to water and that's it
  4. Less Storage - Store concentrated packs, not gallon containers or drums
  5. Inventory Control - Packets are easily counted for inventory and budgeting
  6. No Special Equipment - Eliminate complicated, trouble-prone dispensing machines
  7. Product Selection - More than 60 products for the most complete premeasured line in the industry
  8. Mix-and-Match Systems - Build your own systems for unique cleaning applications and facility requirements
  9. Color Coding - Makes proper identification and staff training easier
  10. Low Entry Cost - No costly set-up or capital investment means you can get started right away!
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