Premeasured Cleaning by Stearns

Say Goodbye to Time-consuming Cleaning and Hello to Effortless Efficiency with Stearns

Stearns Dispenser Free Control Systems provide liquid and powder cleaning products for the janitorial, institutional, dairy, food plant, and household sanitation markets. Our products are designed with superior quality and can meet the highest standards of sanitation requirements, ensuring that you can keep your facilities safe and compliant according to the U.S.D.A standard. Stearns Chemical Corporation was founded in 1951 by George Stearns. The company's creator was a research chemist for Oscar Mayer, Inc. at the time. His area of interest was the creation of better techniques and materials for cleaning food processing facilities. Stearns offers single part sizes, quarts, half gallons, gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums for liquids and powders. Our specialization is portion control packaging of liquid and powder concentrates. We offer powder packaging that is water soluble for a range of end customers.

To update their method of maintaining the store floor, Stearns and Kroger Stores teamed up in 1965. The portion control packaging of the floor finishes and detergents served as the remodeling project's main agenda. The outdated 55-gallon and 5-gallon containers did nothing except encourage the wasteful "overpour" method. In the same year, Stearns purchased the technology and equipment necessary to affordably package liquids in leak-proof flexible packs in quantities ranging from two ounces to a quart. There are more than 60 items in our range of portion-controlled cleaning supplies, and many business titans in the sanitary supply sector come to Stearns to have their own products packed in our portion-control packaging.

In 1996, John Everitt became the new president of Stearns Packaging. Since John took over the business, Stearns Packaging has been a market leader in "Green Cleaning" products and One Pack Dispenser-Free Control Systems. Some materials do not lend themselves to being liquefied. Since 1992, Stearns has offered a broad range of goods and packaging services using water-soluble film for the portion-control packaging of powders. It is known as the Stearns "Water Flakes®" line. The line of water-soluble powder packets from Stearns that dissolve in a quart of water presented in 2010 is known as "Quart'r Packs®."

Stearns Packaging Corporation has served various markets for more than 60 years. Our facility has passed a Green Seal, Inc. inspection and is currently authorized to produce formulations per Green Seal's GS-37 standard. Based on complying with regulatory standards like F.B.A. 21 C.F.R. for proper usage, ingredient, and labeling, Stearns offers 27 items that meet N.S.F. Registration guidelines for proprietary substances and non-food compounds. In addition to being registered with the F.D.A. for veterinary topical medications and antibacterial hand soaps, Stearns has a manufacturer's license from the D.N.R. and E.P.A. for cleaners and disinfectants.

You can find the right Stearns cleaning product at Uno Clean. Check out the 5-point starter kits, one-pack, quart packs, water flakes, Quik tanks, green cleaning products, Stearns bottles and labels and accessories, bar master program, car wash, station cleaners, air fresheners, carpet cleaners, and more. Get the perfect clean quickly with Stearns Dispenser Free Control Systems products!

Since 1964, Stearns Packaging Corporation has been the foremost provider of premeasured liquid and powder cleaning systems for the janitorial and institutional markets.

Stearn's record of innovation has revolutionized the cleaning industry with packaging technology and premeasured cleaning products that eliminate the complexity and wasteful over-mixing associated with gallons, pails, and drums. More Info

Save $$$ on Freight with Premeasured Portion Controlled Cleaning Concentrates

Environmental Impact

For more than forty years, the concept of premeasured products with reduced packaging, accurate measurement, and safe formulations has been the cornerstone of Stearns’ product philosophy. It is their objective to help their customers meet their goals by focusing on the principles of environmental sustainability.

In cooperation with government and environmental agencies, Stearn's ongoing evaluation of formulations and packaging technology ensures quality performance while reducing environmental impact.

10 Measures of Success with Stearns Premeasured & Water-Soluble Cleaning Solutions

  1. No Waste - Premeasured One Packs™, Water Flakes®, and Quik Tank make perfect solutions without over-mixing
  2. Save Money - Pay for cleaning strength, not water or expensive dilution-control equipment
  3. Easy Training- No special instructions, just add one color-coded packet to water and that's it
  4. Less Storage - Store concentrated packs, not gallon containers or drums
  5. Inventory Control - Packets are easily counted for inventory and budgeting
  6. No Special Equipment - Eliminate complicated, trouble-prone dispensing machines
  7. Product Selection - More than 60 products for the most complete premeasured line in the industry
  8. Mix-and-Match Systems - Build your own systems for unique cleaning applications and facility requirements
  9. Color Coding - Makes proper identification and staff training easier
  10. Low Entry Cost - No costly set-up or capital investment means you can get started right away!
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