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Stearns One Pack™ Dispenser-Free Control Systems

Stearns One Packs™ are a comprehensive line of more than 60 professional-grade cleaning liquids and powders, innovatively packaged in premeasured packs. Precise measuring guarantees accurate-strength solutions every time, maximizing cleaning performance while saving you time and money. More Info

Save $$$ on Freight with Premeasured Portion Controlled Cleaning Concentrates

  • One pack per bottle or bucket, one trip to the supply area.
  • No hardware. No plumbing. No problems.
  • That's the Stearns One Packs™ promise.

Traditional dispenser machines may accurately mix concentrates, but they are prone to fail, complicated to operate, and they force workers to waste time returning to the supply closet to refill buckets and bottles. Dispenser-free One Packs™ have no moving parts or plumbing to break down, require almost no training, and are uniquely portable — allowing your staff to accurately mix anywhere in the facility.

Switching your operation over to One Packs™ couldn't be easier: there is no costly equipment to install, no special training, and no fixed water hook-ups required. In fact, with One Packs™, you can eliminate solution centers completely — saving valuable space in custodial closets.

Don't limit your staff's effectiveness with outdated equipment and methods, when the next generation of dispenser-free control is just a phone call away with Stearns One Packs™.

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