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Keep Your Space Fresh with Stearns Air Freshener/Odor Control Solutions

One Packs Air Freshener from Stearns has been designed with a powerful formula of malodor eliminators, solubilizers, and dye to attack the source of stinky odors in any indoor environment. Use one 1-ounce pack per 32 ounces of water in a spray bottle. It can be sprayed on carpets, fabrics, or hard surfaces to attack odors. This ultimate odor control solution is best for institutional kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, schools, and businesses. It provides a fresh and clean smell in any indoor environment.

One Packs Porta-Fresh Holding Tank Deodorant is a powerful solution for controlling odors in portable and recirculating toilets. It comes in (48) 4 wt. oz. packets for your convenience. The main ingredients in Porta-Fresh holding tank deodorant are cationic and nonionic surfactants and fragrances. To use it, add one Porta-Fresh pack after adding sufficient water to the holding tank. A 40-gallon holding tank can be treated with one pack, but depending on usage, heat, and humidity, you may need to add more packs.

Stearns One Packs Bio-Active Plus Deodorizing Enzyme All-Purpose Cleaner is a powerful solution for controlling odors and cleaning. It comes in (72) 2.5 fl. oz. packets, making it easy to use and convenient. Bio-Active Plus is safe for you and the environment as it is a blend of cleaning surfactants, bacterial strains, and multiple enzyme systems that clean and break down grease, fats, and other complex organic material naturally. Bio-Active Plus uses nature's cleaning agents to rid grease, waste, and odors from floors, surfaces and drains.

Stearns odor control solutions like One Packs Air Freshener, Porta-Fresh Holding Tank Deodorant, and Bio-Active Plus Cleaner will keep your organization or home smelling clean and fresh, no matter how tough the day gets! They are easy to use, long-lasting, and effectively neutralize odors.

These pre-measured packets are the perfect way to control the over use of chemicals when carpet or upholstery cleaning. Low-foaming carpet extraction cleaners and shampoos for use in water extraction (steam) carpet machines. Removes greasy dirt and stains from carpets and eliminates the rapid resoiling so common with conventional products.

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