Gas Station & Car Wash Cleaners

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High-Quality Gas Station and Car Wash Cleaners from Stearns

Stearns Water Flakes Bug Blitzer Windshield Cleaner is a concentrated glass and windshield cleaner that is designed to cut bug residue and road film from windshields, leaving them shining. Water Flakes eliminate the need for measuring, pouring, or opening packages. This windshield cleaner comes in 90 x 0.5 wt. oz. tubs and 400 x 0.5 wt. oz. tubs. The main ingredients in Bug Blitzer are anionic surfactants, builders, dispersants, color, and fragrance. Metals and painted surfaces of vehicles are safe to be cleaned with it because it contains no solvents or corrosive chemicals.

Stearns' powerful institutional solution for cleaning glass, plastic, stainless steel, mirrors, tiles, chrome-plated surfaces, porcelain, and enamel is the One Packs C-Clear Windshield Cleaner. It is perfect for use in gas pump island squeegee buckets and is available in (144) 1 fl. oz. packages. This window cleaner leaves no streaks or smudges behind when cleaning windows.

Stearns One Packs Tire Lube Concentrate is a concentrated tire lubricant that is used for mounting and demounting tires. It also cleans and dresses all rubber, leather, and plastic surfaces. The main ingredients in Tire Lube Concentrate are potassium coconut oil soap and nonionic surfactant. This cleaner is approved for use by major tire manufacturers, contains no petroleum, promotes necessary adhesion to prevent bead slip, and contains a naturally built-in rust inhibitor. Each 13-ounce pack is mixed with water to make one gallon of ready-to-use tire lubricant. It protects and maintains the bead-to-rim seal and also inhibits corrosion.

The Gas Station and Car Wash Cleaners from Stearns, like Bug Blitzer Windshield Cleaner, One Packs C-Clear Windshield Cleaner, and One Packs Tire Lube Concentrate, are specially formulated to effectively clean and maintain various surfaces in cars, including windshields, tires, and rubber, leather, and plastic surfaces.

Stearns windshield cleaner and Bug Blitzer are ideal for gas pump island squeegee buckets.

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