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Maintain Your Beautiful Floors with Stearns Floor Care Products

Stearns offers a variety of heavy-duty and light-duty, all-purpose floor cleaners and degreasers for your floor care.

One Packs Neutral Cleaner Concentrate with no caustic, abrasive, or harsh ingredients will keep your floors pristine. The One Packs Extra-Strength Cleaner is water-based with natural solvents, chelating agents, and biodegradable surfactants removing ink, coffee, greases, and oils on all surfaces.

One Packs Bio-Active Plus Deodorizing Enzyme All-Purpose Cleaner is formulated with natural cleaning agents to remove waste, odors, and grease from your surfaces. One Packs MULTI-SCRUB Heavy-Duty Degreaser will effortlessly handle heavy-duty jobs like shower stalls, machines, and heavily oiled areas.

One Packs Cleaner Degreaser is a pine-scented heavy-duty cleaner that removes grease and stubborn soils with ease. It is specially designed for cleaning and deodorizing concrete floors in heavy traffic. This cleaner contains no soap, so there are no soap residues to make your floors slippery when wet. One Packs GS Extra Strength Cleaner Concentrate is non-flammable has medium-sudsing and can be used as a heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser with a readily biodegradable surfactant system.

One Packs Auto-Scrub Floor Cleaner is crafted to use with automatic scrubbing equipment. It is a low-foaming concentrated cleaner that leaves your floors spotless without streaks. Concept "915" from Stearns eliminates ice-melt residue from your carpets and floors. The powerful chelating agents chemically suspend the salt and chloride residues in the mop solution or carpet extractor to prevent re-depositing in the form of a white crust or film.

One Packs TREADMATE Quarry Tile Floor Cleaner is your go-to cleaner for removing grease build-up. The combination of mild acids with powerful detergents of this cleaner penetrates deep into tile cracks and grout lines and gives a flawless output.

Say goodbye to stains with Stearns Floor Care Products. These high-quality cleaners are designed for various surfaces and can remove different types of stains.

Heavy-duty & light-duty, all-purpose floor cleaners and degreasers. For mopping floors and washing walls, ceilings, desks, or any washable surface. Perfect for institutional kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, schools, and businesses. Use to mop floors around urinals and toilets, locker rooms, dumpsters, kennels - wherever persistent odors are a problem.

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