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Stearns Water Flakes® Water-Soluble Packets & Powder Concentrates

The Stearns Quik Tank Cleaning Solution System is the perfect inventory-control solution for frequent spray-and-wipe applications requiring high volumes of cleaning solution. Simply fill the 5-gallon Quik Tank container with water and any of 10 popular Stearns premeasured cleaning concentrates - all your staff has to do is fill their spray bottles and begin cleaning.

With a low initial investment and simplified training, your facility has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Quik Tank Cleaning Systems from Stearns

The Stearns Quik Tank system is ideal for frequent spray-and-wipe applications that require large amounts of cleaning solution. Fill the 5-gallon Quik Tank container with water, and then add any of the popular Stearns premeasured cleaning concentrates. Start cleaning by filling spray bottles with cleaning solution. Some of the benefits include a low initial cost and quick training.

    They are available for various purposes:
  • Air Freshener: Removes odors from any indoor environment and leaves it naturally clean and fragrant.
  • Extra-Strength Cleanser: This is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser with a heavy-duty formula for industrial cleaning.
  • GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate: A concentrated pH-neutral floor cleaner with a fresh, clean aroma that cleans thoroughly.
  • Mark 10 Bathroom Cleaner: Cleans, deodorizes, and eliminates rust stains and hard water stains from sinks, tubs, counters, showers, bowls, and urinals.
  • Mark 11 Disinfectant Cleaner: Deodorizes, cleans and eliminates stains from floors, countertops, sinks, tables, washable walls, and telephones.
  • Mark E II One Step Disinfectant, Germicidal Detergent, and Deodorant: A hospital-grade, multi-purpose, neutral pH quaternary that serves as a super disinfectant.
  • Restroom & Bowl Liquid Concentrate: Cleans toilet bowls, urinals, tile walls, tubs, and sinks in a safe manner while leaving a fresh, clean aroma.
  • GS Restroom & Bowl Liquid Concentrate: Cleans toilet bowls, urinals, tile walls, tubs, and sinks in a safe manner. With a fresh, clean smell, it is ideal for daily cleaning and bowl maintenance.
  • Window Cleaner & Stainless Steel Cleaner: A concentrated glass cleaner that removes stains, dirt, smudges, and grease from glass, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, and lightly dirty surfaces.
  • GS Window Cleaner Concentrate: Effective on glass, windows, mirrors, and stainless steel.
  • GS Extra-Strength Cleaner Concentrate: A heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner with better greasy filth penetration and removal. The aroma is fresh and clean.

The cleaning products from the Stearns Quik Tank system are perfect for institutions. They are ideal for regular spray-and-wipe operations that require large amounts of cleaning solution.

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