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Green Klean Replacement Vacuum Bags

Green Klean Filter Bags are a combination of the best bio-degradable filter medias in recyclable poly bags at reasonable prices, yet achieve optimal performance. Specifically designed as replacements for OEM commercial vacuum bags, Green Klean® bag medias are independently tested and guaranteed to perform equal to, or better than the original OEM bags. Green Klean® filters perform at efficiency levels as low as 99.9% at 1 micron.

Green Klean Replacement Bags & Filters

Green Klean is committed to cleaning the environment the green way. Be it air, surface, or floor; Green Klean makes janitorial processes easy and effective in a manner that does not harm nature.

Vacuum cleaning with Green Klean Vacuum Bags has become indispensable to residential and commercial cleaning. The fine dust in your home can be removed using this home appliance, which has strong suction. The vacuum cleaner bag plays an important role in the cleaning process. The dirt-filled air passes through the vacuum-cleaner bag, which acts as a filter. The porous bag allows air particles to pass by but traps the dirt particles and debris within the bag.

A vacuum-cleaning bag must be strong enough to sustain the force of air as it enters the bag. Your cleaning efforts will be ruined if a bag is made of flimsy material since it will rupture and release dust into the air once more. Sometimes the collar is improperly attached to the bags, or the adhesive holding the edges together is insufficient. The vacuum bag may also explode as a result of these structural flaws. Green Klean bags are made to prevent you from running into these issues while cleaning.

As the dust accumulates in the vacuum bag, it may clog the pores and prevent airflow. This can cause the vacuum to lose its ability to suction and become ineffective. Vacuum bags from Green Klean are made to load dust gradually and maintain suction for extended periods of time.

The air in your house contains not only dust but also pet dander, human hair, smoke, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses, and more. For optimal health, select a vacuum bag that can effectively filter out particles with a size between 0.3 and 1.5 microns. Green Klean vacuum bags function at efficiencies as low as 99.9% at 1 micron, making them ideal performance vacuum bags. These filter bags were created primarily to serve as OEM commercial vacuum bag replacements. They are guaranteed to perform as well as or better than the original OEM bags, and this has been confirmed with independent testing.

In keeping with our green mission, Green Klean Filter Bags are made using a combination of the best biodegradable filter media available, and it is done in a cost-effective way. After all, these are disposable bags, and you do not want to spend a lot on them. So, keep your homes and offices clean in an environment-friendly, affordable, and efficient way with Green Klean filter bags.

Green Klean & Clean Environment

Keep the environment in your homes and offices healthy by using the highly efficient Green Klean Replacement Vacuum Bags and Filters!

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