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Green Klean® - Environmental Excellence for Tornado/Karcher Vacuums

Elevate your vacuuming experience with Green Klean® Replacement Filters and Vacuum Bags designed specifically for Tornado/Karcher Vacuums. Green Klean® takes pride in offering an environmentally conscious solution that not only meets but exceeds the performance standards set by OEM products. Dive into a new era of cleaning with biodegradable filter media, recyclable poly bags, and a commitment to environmental excellence.

Biodegradable Filter Media: A Green Approach

Green Klean® understands the importance of environmental responsibility in today's world. To contribute to a greener future, the Replacement Filters and Vacuum Bags for Tornado/Karcher Vacuums are crafted with biodegradable filter media. This innovative approach ensures that your vacuuming doesn't just clean your space; it also supports a sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning routine.

To protect the environment, Green Klean Replacement Filters and Vacuum Bags for Tornado/Karcher Vacuums are created with biodegradable filter media in recyclable poly bags. The vacuum bags will function just as well as the OEM and are guaranteed against manufacturing and material flaws. Using EN and ASTM test procedures, reputable, accredited testing laboratories independently evaluated the micro-plus filter medium. The tests were carried out at the flow rate specified by the vacuum manufacturer's CFM.

To achieve filtering efficiencies of up to 99.9%, Green Klean replacement vacuum bags use the best micro-plus filter media, incorporating a melt-blown inner liner. They are always equal to or better than OEM quality because they are created exclusively for commercial use. When choosing these bags and filters, you will get cleaner air, less dusting, longer secondary filter life, and significant cost savings. Each bag has a print of the model, making it simple to see which vacuum it fits. Green Diamond warranty is provided to ensure the quality of the product.

You deserve the best of the best, and that's why our Vacuum Bags and Filters are designed specifically for your Tornado/Karcher vacuum. From the highest filtration efficiency to our melt-blown inner liner, we have you covered. Choose Green Klean today!

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