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NSS Replacement Vacuum Filters & Bags from Green Klean

At Green Klean, we understand how important it is to have a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner – let us help you keep your vacuum cleaner in optimal condition with our superior quality filters! If you have an NSS vacuum cleaner, it's essential to make sure you're using the correct type of filter bag. To protect the environment, Green Klean offers filter bags produced from the best biodegradable filter media. These bags have been created using robust materials and the strongest adhesives available to guarantee that they won't leak or rupture and can resist the pressures of vacuum cleaning. NSS vacuum cleaners come in differing designs, sizes, and capacities, and we have filters for each variation, be it NSS Outlaw backpack, NSS Pacer upright, or more. While choosing a filter, opt for one that was made precisely for your NSS vacuum cleaner's design, size, and capacity.

Do not worry about changing the vacuum cleaner filter; it is simple to do so. They can be inserted into the device very easily. These vacuum bags were created utilizing premium materials and strict manufacturing guidelines. Using EN and ASTM test protocols, our Micro-Plus filter media have been independently evaluated by reputable, accredited testing facilities. These bags were created as commercial OEM replacement vacuum bags, and after testing, it was discovered that they performed at least as well as the OEM vacuum bags. Green Klean vacuum bags sustain suction force for much longer, thanks to their moderate dust loading. In addition, they are inexpensive when compared to the market's conventional options. They were developed with the intention of making cleaning activities simple and enjoyable, and they are backed by the Green Diamond Warranty.

Go Green Klean to enhance the functionality of your NSS vacuum equipment with biodegradable replacement vacuum filters and bags.

Green Klean® after market filter bags, cloth & pleated filters for NSS Vacuums

Elevate Your Cleaning Efficiency with NSS Replacement Vacuum Filters & Bags

Green Klean's premium-quality replacement filters and bags will ensure your NSS vacuum cleaner operates at peak efficiency and lasts a long time. These biodegradable filter bags, which are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of different NSS vacuum models, are made with longevity and environmental consciousness in mind.

Precision Crafted for NSS Vacuums

Green Klean is aware of the variety of NSS vacuum configurations and capabilities. We carry a variety of NSS models, such as NSS Pacer uprights and NSS Outlaw backpacks. Each filter bag is meticulously designed to fit your specific NSS vacuum, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

Superior Quality and Environmental Responsibility

Our filter bags are crafted using the finest biodegradable filter media available. Engineered with robust materials and the strongest adhesives, these bags are leak-proof and rupture-resistant, meeting the rigorous demands of vacuum cleaning while minimizing environmental impact.

Rigorously Tested for Optimal Performance

Green Klean's Micro-Plus filter media passes rigorous ASTM and EN test protocols and is subjected to extensive independent testing. Independently evaluated by accredited testing facilities, these bags surpass OEM standards, ensuring performance on par or better than OEM vacuum bags.

Longevity and Cost-Effectiveness

Designed for sustained suction power, Green Klean vacuum bags maintain peak performance with moderate dust loading. Their cost-effectiveness compared to conventional options in the market makes them an economical choice without compromising quality.

Simplified Replacement Process

Swapping out your NSS vacuum’s filter bags is hassle-free. Designed for easy insertion into your vacuum device, changing filters becomes a seamless part of your cleaning routine.

Green Clean's Assurance of Quality

Backed by the Green Diamond Warranty, our NSS Filters & Bags promise not just efficiency but also reliability, ensuring exceptional cleaning performance with an eco-friendly edge.

It concludes, opt for Green klean's NSS Filters & Bags for Superior Cleaning Solutions Trust Green Klean® for environmentally conscious replacement vacuum filters and bags, optimizing the functionality of your NSS vacuum equipment.

Save Money on Freight With Pre-Measured Cleaning Concentrates

Green Klean® Filter Bags are a combination of the best bio-degradable filter medias in recyclable poly bags at reasonable prices, yet achieve optimal performance. Specifically designed as replacements for OEM commercial vacuum bags, Green Klean® bag medias are independently tested and guaranteed to perform equal to, or better than the original OEM bags. Green Klean® filters perform at efficiency levels as low as 99.9% at 1 micron.

A new standard for commercial vacuum cleaner bags has been set by Green Klean®. Our Micro-Plus filter medias have been independently tested by well known, qualified testing laboratories using EN and ASTM test protocol. The tests were conducted at the flow rate according to the CFM of the vacuum manufacturer. Our vacuum bags are guaranteed against defects in construction and materials, and will perform equal to, or better than the OEM.

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