Advance Vacuum Filters & Bags by Green Klean

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Advance Filters & Bags by Green Klean

Is the vacuum bag on your Advance machine worn out? For your Advance vacuum cleaners, Green Klean offers filter bags made from the best biodegradable filter media that will help preserve the environment. These bags have been made with sturdy materials and the most durable adhesives possible to ensure that they won't leak or rupture and can withstand the pressures of vacuum cleaning. Choose a filter made precisely for your Advance vacuum cleaner's design, size, and capacity. Concerning the installation, don't worry. You may quickly and easily replace the vacuum cleaner filter once you've picked it up because it fits inside the machine without difficulty.

These bags were developed by Green Klean as OEM commercial vacuum bag replacements and have been independently evaluated to provide performance that is at least as good, if not better, as the OEM vacuum bags. The Green Klean bags' filters are an excellent way to maintain your air quality because they operate at efficiency levels as low as 99.9% at 1 micron. Green Klean vacuum bags have a long lifespan since they slowly fill with dust and keep their suction for a long time. In addition to being economically priced, Green Klean bags are pretty effective and last longer for a comparable cost. These vacuum bags are covered by the Green Diamond Warranty and were created especially to make janitorial work simple.

Utilize vacuum cleaner replacement bags from Green Klean in your Advance machines for a hassle-free method of hygiene maintenance.

Green Klean® after market filter bags, cloth & pleated filters for Advance Vacuums

Elevate Your Vacuuming Experience with Green Klean's Advance Filters & Bags

Green Klean offers an excellent replacement for the worn-out bag in your Advance vacuum cleaner. Our filter bags are crafted using top-quality biodegradable filter media, aligning with our commitment to environmental preservation. Designed with durable materials and fortified with the strongest adhesives, these bags are engineered to withstand the rigors of vacuum cleaning without leaks or ruptures.

Select from our range of precisely designed filters tailored for your Advance vacuum cleaner's unique specifications in design, size, and capacity. Replacing the vacuum cleaner filter is a breeze simply pick the appropriate filter that seamlessly fits into your machine without any hassle during installation.

Green Klean's bags are OEM replacements, independently evaluated to perform at least as well, if not better, than the original equipment manufacturer's vacuum bags. Operating with exceptional efficiency levels as low as 99.9% at 1 micron, these filters are dedicated to maintaining air quality while ensuring a longer lifespan. As dust slowly fills the bag, it retains suction power, resulting in cost-effective, longer-lasting performance compared to standard alternatives.

These vacuum bags, which are covered by the Green Diamond Warranty, make cleaning and maintaining hygiene easier. Green Klean bags are inexpensive, strong, and incredibly effective. They ensure a hassle-free experience when it comes to maintaining cleanliness.

It concludes, choose Green Klean for your Advance vacuum machines and experience the convenience and reliability of our aftermarket filter bags, cloth, and pleated filters. Elevate your cleaning standards effortlessly with Green Klean!

Save Money on Freight With Pre-Measured Cleaning Concentrates

Green Klean® Filter Bags are a combination of the best bio-degradable filter medias in recyclable poly bags at reasonable prices, yet achieve optimal performance. Specifically designed as replacements for OEM commercial vacuum bags, Green Klean® bag medias are independently tested and guaranteed to perform equal to, or better than the original OEM bags. Green Klean® filters perform at efficiency levels as low as 99.9% at 1 micron.

A new standard for commercial vacuum cleaner bags has been set by Green Klean®. Our Micro-Plus filter medias have been independently tested by well known, qualified testing laboratories using EN and ASTM test protocol. The tests were conducted at the flow rate according to the CFM of the vacuum manufacturer. Our vacuum bags are guaranteed against defects in construction and materials, and will perform equal to, or better than the OEM.

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