Windsor Vacuum Filters & Bags by Green Klean

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The Windsor Replacement Vacuum Bags and Filters from Green Klean Help You Breath Better

Is unclean air affecting your health at the office and at home? It's time for a change! Green Klean Replacement Vacuum Bags and Filters are designed to work with your Windsor vacuum cleaner and are guaranteed to make your day easier. Green Klean uses the highest quality micro-plus filter media to achieve efficiencies up to 99.9%.

Better filtration means cleaner air, less dusting, and longer secondary filter life at considerable savings. You can choose the replacement filters and bags for a wide range like Windsor 5301ER & 8.600-522.0 Sensor Micro Filter Bags, Windsor 68005 VP10 Backpack Filter Bags, Windsor 2003 Versamatic Triple-Layer Bags, and more from Green Klean. Each bag is printed to identify the vacuum it fits easily.

The biodegradable filters and poly bags that can be recycled make these vacuum bags and filter an environment-friendly option. To ensure quality, the Green Klean filters and bags with an exclusive Green Diamond Warranty are tested with EN and ASTM test procedures. For accuracy, the tests were conducted at the flow rate specified by the vacuum manufacturer's CFM.

Green Klean makes it easy to keep your workplace and home clean and healthy with efficient Windsor Replacement Vacuum Bags and Filters that last for a long time. Get cleaner air with this eco-friendly product now!

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