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Hoover Filters & Bags by Green Klean

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1 review

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Filters & Bag Replacements from Green Klean

Your Hoover vacuum cleaner works hard to keep your floors clean - so why not return the favor by using high-quality, durable, environment-friendly Green Klean filter bags? These replacement bags are made with the best materials available and are designed specifically for your Hoover machine, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum efficiency. So do your part to protect the planet - and your vacuum cleaner - by selecting Green Klean filter bags next time you need a replacement. Green Klean filter bags are specifically made to work as replacements for OEM commercial vacuum bags. They have been independently tested and are warranted to perform on par with or better than the OEM bags. A 99.9% efficiency can be achieved with Green Klean filters at 1 micron.

Even a novice can change the vacuum cleaner filter; it is not at all difficult. Be it the Hoover C2401 and C2401-010 backpack vacuum filters or the Hoover 4010038N type N vacuums, they can be put into the machine rather easily. Green Klean vacuum bags can sustain a strong suction for a very long period since dust is loaded into them more gradually. Your filters' effectiveness will last longer. These bags are reasonably priced and end up being more cost-effective than other filters available. They are in tune with Green Klean's objective of making cleaning duties simple and enjoyable and are backed by the Green Diamond Warranty.

You will be amazed by the outstanding performance and long lifespan of the Green Klean vacuum filters and bags when you use them with your Hoover equipment.

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