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Enhance Your Floor Machine's Performance with Quality Brushes, Pads, and Drivers

Pads, Drivers, and Clutch Plates Specific to Brands: Examine an extensive assortment of pads, drivers, and clutch plates specific to brands that are painstakingly crafted to suit a range of floor machines. These parts guarantee smooth integration and compatibility, which ensures peak performance and extended equipment life.

Floor Machine Brushes By Size

Choose from a wide selection of floor machine brushes in sizes ranging from 10" to 21". Whether you need to scrub, polish, or buff, these brushes are effective and versatile for handling different cleaning requirements on a variety of surfaces.

Tufted Pad Drivers

With tufted pad drivers made for even pressure distribution and effective pad attachment, enjoy better floor upkeep. These drivers are designed to guarantee streamlined processes and outstanding cleaning results.

Diamabrush™, Pad, Bonnet, Sanding Drivers

This collection encompasses Diamabrush™, pad, bonnet, and sanding drivers, available in sizes from 10" to 22". These drivers ensure robust performance, catering to diverse floor maintenance requirements, from scrubbing to sanding.

3M™ Floor Brushes & Pads

Discover a range of 3M™ floor brushes and pads renowned for their quality and effectiveness in delivering top-notch cleaning results. With precision-engineered designs, these accessories offer exceptional performance and durability.

Premium Floor Pads & Sand Screens

These premium floor pads and sand screens are crafted to deliver superior results, ensuring efficient and consistent floor maintenance while prolonging the life of your floor machine. Upgrade your floor machine's capabilities with a comprehensive assortment of brushes, pads, drivers, and clutch plates, designed to meet diverse cleaning needs across various surfaces. Explore our range today and elevate your floor maintenance regime!

It concludes, this content encapsulates the diverse range of Brushes, Pads, Drivers & Clutch Plates available for floor machines, emphasizing their compatibility, efficiency, and versatility in addressing various cleaning requirements and surfaces, ensuring optimal performance and extended equipment longevity.

Select your pad type below or view our MFG/Brand Reference Index. For additional help, you may review our Brush Selection Basics or at any time, please call us at 1-224-654-6500 select option 1 and a sales representative will assist you in your order.

Basics of Floor Machine Brush Selection:

There are several simple questions that should be asked in order to provide the proper brush for the cleaning application.

Do you want a brush or a pad driver?

If your preference is to have a dedicated product, select a brush. If you have a variety of applications, your choice may be a pad holder. The surface being cleaned and the amount of dirt build-up will help determine the selection. The key to remember when ordering these items is the block diameter in relationship to the machine size. A brush is sized 2 inches smaller than the machine because of the flare of the brush fibers. Pad drivers are specified 1 inch smaller than the machine.

There is an easy way to cross check your selection from the Floor Machine Brushes and Clutch Plates section of this web site.

  • A brush, long-trim pad driver, or short-trim pad driver without a riser, should be 2" smaller than the machine size.
  • A pad driver or MIGHTY-LOK™ should be 1" smaller than the machine size.

Therefore, a 20" floor machine would use an:

  • 18" brush, MAL-LOK™ or PAD-LOK™ without a riser
  • or a 19" PAD-LOK™ or MIGHTY-LOK™

This rule applies to over 90% of the applications.

Determining Diameters

Block Diameter: Lay the brush on the bristles, block side up. Measure the actual outside diameter of the block (not the bristle flare). See photo below for reference (measurement B).

Center Hole Diameter: Lay the brush on the bristles block side up. Remove mounting hardware, if any. Measure actual inside diameter of the center hole. See photo below for reference (measurement D).

Floor Machine Brushes, Pads, Drivers & Clutch Plates - Determining Diameters

Once the correct size of brush and the proper clutch plate is determined, a few questions will enable you to select the correct type of brush or pad driver that is needed to fill your needs.

NOTE: Malish brushes are designed to fit each machine as shown, even though the block diameter listed on the charts may vary slightly from the diameter of the block originally supplied with the machine.

What is the make and model number of the machine?

When you have this information, please proceed to the Manufacturer/Brand Specific Equipment Reference List section of this web site. The machine manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order. Once your brand of machine is found, continue down until you find the correct model. By reading across, you can then determine the proper brush or pad driver size as well as the correct clutch plate.

When calling customer service toll FREE at 1-888-226-2724, please have the machine manufacturer and model number to help determine the block size, center hole diameter and clutch plate necessary to attach the block to the machine. If the machine size is not apparent from the model number, please provide this specification.

How to Break in a Brush

Before using a new brush on carpeting, the brush should be broken in according to the following directions. This will eliminate possible excess drag by “tipping” the strands, removing any possible burrs caused by the manufacturing process.

Break-in Procedure

  1. Mount the brush on the floor machine. Follow ALL instructions included in your owner's manual.
  2. Find a rough textured floor surface, preferably unfinished concrete.
  3. Operate the machine on this surface. Run the machine DRY for approximately 15-20 minutes. The brush fibers will take a slight set or lean in the direction of machine rotation.
  4. Rinse the brush to remove any dirt caught when running machine. The brush is now ready to be used on carpeting.
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