3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad

Scuff and mark removal. For use on harder finishes or in high traffic areas. Produces brilliant "wet-look" gloss. Exceptional durability and life. Best for mark removal. Use with high speed autoscrubbers, floor burnishers, floor machines & Pad Drivers. View Brush Pad Reference List

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3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad: Unmatched Performance for High-Traffic Areas

Introducing the 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad, your go-to tool for removing scuffs and marks while preserving high-gloss finishes in tough settings. Designed especially for rougher surfaces or high-traffic areas, this pad is your best friend when it comes to getting a brilliant, long-lasting "wet-look" gloss.

Tough on Marks, Gentle on Surfaces

The 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad is the industry leader when it comes to removing scratches and marks. It is designed to withstand scratches on more durable finishes and in high-traffic areas without sacrificing the surface's integrity.

Exemplary Durability and Longevity

Deeply rooted in every fiber of the 3400 pad is exceptional durability. Because of its sturdy design, it can withstand heavy use and rigorous cleaning procedures while maintaining a long lifespan and reliable performance.

The "Wet-Look" Brilliance

Unlock the brilliance of a "wet-look" gloss effortlessly. The 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad doesn't just maintain your floors; it elevates them. Witness a shine that speaks volumes about the care and attention you invest in your spaces.

Dedicated to Performance

Designed to thrive with high-speed autoscrubbers, floor burnishers, floor machines, and pad drivers, the 3400 pad is tailored for peak performance. Its compatibility ensures seamless integration, optimizing your equipment's capabilities.

Mark Removal Mastery

When it comes to mark removal, this pad is in a league of its own. Say goodbye to stubborn blemishes and marks that mar your floor's appearance. The 3400 pad efficiently erases imperfections, restoring surfaces to their pristine state.

Adaptive and Reliable

From high-traffic corridors to areas with harder finishes, the 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad adapts to various settings effortlessly. Its versatility shines through, consistently delivering superior results, no matter the environment.

Elevating Floor Maintenance

Experience hassle-free floor care that goes beyond routine cleaning. The 3400 pad sets a new standard, offering a blend of durability, mark removal prowess, and unmatched gloss enhancement.

The Optimal Solution

For spaces demanding resilience, performance, and remarkable gloss, the 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad stands as the ideal choice. Its specialized design addresses the challenges of high-traffic areas, ensuring brilliance and durability.

It concludes, the 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad is more than a floor maintenance tool; it's a mark removal expert and gloss enhancer. Engineered for high-traffic areas and harder finishes, this pad excels in removing blemishes while preserving a brilliant "wet-look" gloss. Its compatibility with various equipment types makes it an indispensable asset in elevating your floor maintenance routine. Experience the unparalleled mark removal and gloss enhancement abilities of the 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad, and watch your floors radiate a lasting shine! Craft the content to match the emphasis on the pad's durability, mark removal capabilities, and its specialized use in high-traffic areas or on harder finishes. Highlighting its adaptability and gloss enhancement qualities will resonate with those seeking resilient floor care solutions.

3M™ High-Speed & Low-Speed Floor Machine Pad Types:

Ultra High-Speed Floor Pad Types:

  • 3100 - Aqua Burnishing Pad - For soft finishes. Proudcts a brilliant gloss. Exceptional durability and life.
  • 3200 - TopLine Speed Burnish Pad - Best Gloss. Restore gloss to dull floors in a single pass. Optimizes ultra high speed floor care on a wide variety of floor finishes. Works best on floors with good base coat. Minimal finish removal.
  • 3300 - Natural Blend Burnishing Pad - Best Gloss. Natural hair and synthetic fiber pad. Provides excellent results on a wide variety of floor finishes and traffic conditions.
  • 3400 - Tan Burnishing Pad - Scuff and mark removal. For use on harder finishes or in high traffic areas. Produces brilliant "wet-look" gloss. Exceptional durability and life. Best for mark removal.
  • 3500 - Natural Blend Tan Burnishing Pad - Natural hair and synthetic fiber pad designed for best mark removal. For use on harder finishes or in high traffic areas. Removes marks and scratches while it polishes.
  • 3600 - Eraser™ Burnish Pad - Removes black marks in fewer passes than other pads and retains excellent gloss and image clarity. Excellent durability and minimal finish removal.

Low-Speed Floor Pad Types:

  • 4100 - White Super Polishing Pad - For buffing very soft finishes or for polishing soft waxes on wood floors. Removes scuffs and black heel marks and enhances floor appearance.
  • 5000 - Topline Autoscrubber Pad - For light scrubbing of floors prior to burnishing. Excellent daily cleaning pad, minimal finish removal. Open construction resists clogging and allows for easy cleaning. Use on automatic floor machines. Best choice if followed by burnishing.
  • 5100 - Red Buffing Pad - Specially designed for spray buffing. Cleans when damp; buffs when dry. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks and enhances floor appearance.
  • 5300 - Blue Cleaning Pad - For heavy duty scrubbing prior to recoating. Can also be used for heavy duty spray cleaning or foam scrubbing. Removes dirt, spills, and scuffs, leaving a clean surface ready for recoating.
  • 7100 - Brown Stripping Pad - For wet or dry stripping. Prepares floors for recoating. Quickly and easily cuts through old finish. Conforms to uneven floors.
  • 7200 - Black Stripper Pad - The industry standard against which all other stripping pads are compared. Maintains consistent high performance throughout the life of the pad.
  • 7300 - High-Productivity Stripping Pad - Quickly and thoroughly removes old finish, dirt and buildup. Unique, open web construction - stripping solution flows through pad to rinse out dirt and reduce loading for increased pad-to-floor contact, more efficient stripping.

Do you want a brush or a pad driver?

If your preference is to have a dedicated product, select a brush. If you have a variety of applications, your choice may be a pad holder. The surface being cleaned and the amount of dirt build-up will help determine the selection. The key to remember when ordering these items is the block diameter in relationship to the machine size. A brush is sized 2 inches smaller than the machine because of the flare of the brush fibers. Pad drivers are specified 1 inch smaller than the machine.

There is an easy way to cross check your selection from the Floor Machine Brushes and Clutch Plates section of this web site.

  • A brush, long-trim pad driver, or short-trim pad driver without a riser, should be 2" smaller than the machine size.
  • A pad driver should be 1" smaller than the machine size.

Therefore, a 20" floor machine would use an:

  • 18" brush without a riser
  • or a 19" brush

This rule applies to over 90% of the applications.

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